Rone Performs “Quitter La Ville” in an Empty Paris Airport

May 6th, 2015

Rone Performs “Quitter La Ville” in an Empty Paris Airport

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By Jackson

Notorious French producer, Rone, has teamed up with La Blogotheque to bring you an awe-inspiring live rendition of “Quitter la Ville” from his latest LP, “Creatures.” La Blogotheque’s beloved Take Away Show series is known and adored throughout the indie music world for its unique live performances that have taken place pretty much anywhere you can imagine besides a stage. Rone’s version provides a new take on the series with a refreshing blend of live instrumentation and vocals placed upon a beautifully orchestrated electronic sound-scape.

“Quitter la Ville” is delivered in hypnotic fashion, as the atmospheric euphony of sound echoes through the eerie void that is an empty airport terminal. Singer Frànçois Marry and cellist Gaspar Claus help guide the song into a strange, unexplored headspace as Rone manipulates the soundwaves in his own unique fashion. Watch down below as Rone & friends provide a truly one-of-a-kind performance via La Blogotheque, and catch him live at our very own Club IHC on June 4th at Los Globos! Also check out the futuristic virtual reality edition on the Oculus Rift if you are fortunate enough to have one of those bad boys (and let us know how it is)!