fbpx Rone's Trippy New "Acid Reflux" Video Will Make You Afraid of Sushi – IHEARTCOMIX
May 20th, 2015

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you actually ate the 7-Eleven Fukushima sushi that everyone knows you should never eat, but you get drunk and consider that maybe it might be a good idea?

Well, here to answer the question of what that might be like for you,without having to endure the torturous 24 hour barf-o-rama is Rone with his brand new video for “Acid Reflux” from his Creatures LP.

In the video, filmmakers Ilan Cohen and Boris Levy take you on a psychedelic tour of downtown Tokyo, seen through the eyes of a young mini-mart employee who suffers some terrifying consequences from some radioactive late-night sushi. As the dazed clerk trips balls around town, Rone serves up an array of warpy, contorted synth-tones that function wonderfully as a score for the whole journey.

Watch down below and don’t miss Rone performing live at our very own ClubIHC on June 4th at Los Globos along with Lakim and more! Click here to grab some tickets.