Run The Jewels Animated Video for “Early” Turns Our Thought Wheels

May 18th, 2015

Run The Jewels Animated Video for “Early” Turns Our Thought Wheels


Sometimes my brain don’t work no good and the thought smarts don’t come together right. I’ll sit there in front of a mirror, my hand fully submerged in a jar of peanut butter and my underwear on backwards, wondering “Why am I drooling?”

Occasionally the world offers me respite from my stupor and comes at me with a mental Viagra – which is different than regular Viagra, trust me – and my noggin pops an intellectual stiffy. Brain thoughts start happening again and I become a functioning human with meaningful thoughts.

Today’s mental wiener-pill, lifting me from a hazy Monday torpor, comes courtesy of Run The Jewels, who just dropped a visually invigorating music video for their very conscious track “Early” off of Run The Jewels 2 – which, let’s be honest, sounds like a killer iPhone game halfway between Temple Run and Candy Crush. However, the song is profoundly non-sacchrine; a chilling description of an aggressive arrest for smoking a little bit of loud, police violence in front of children, and the dangers of a state under surveillance. The video is gorgeously animated in stark black, white, and red by video artists Bug & Sluzzy (note to self: “sluzzy” is a great word to describe being drunk).

Speaking of smart: how tight would it be if there was a version of Temple Run where you could play as Ja Rule?

While you ponder that, peep this, and hopefully it’ll resuscitate your brain stem as it has mine. Thanks, RTJ!