fbpx Run The Jewels Animated Video for "Early" Turns Our Thought Wheels – IHEARTCOMIX
May 18th, 2015


Sometimes my brain don’t work no good and the thought smarts don’t come together right. I’ll sit there in front of a mirror, my hand fully submerged in a jar of peanut butter and my underwear on backwards, wondering “Why am I drooling?”

Occasionally the world offers me respite from my stupor and comes at me with a mental Viagra – which is different than regular Viagra, trust me – and my noggin pops an intellectual stiffy. Brain thoughts start happening again and I become a functioning human with meaningful thoughts.

Today’s mental wiener-pill, lifting me from a hazy Monday torpor, comes courtesy of Run The Jewels, who just dropped a visually invigorating music video for their very conscious track “Early” off of Run The Jewels 2 – which, let’s be honest, sounds like a killer iPhone game halfway between Temple Run and Candy Crush. However, the song is profoundly non-sacchrine; a chilling description of an aggressive arrest for smoking a little bit of loud, police violence in front of children, and the dangers of a state under surveillance. The video is gorgeously animated in stark black, white, and red by video artists Bug & Sluzzy (note to self: “sluzzy” is a great word to describe being drunk).

Speaking of smart: how tight would it be if there was a version of Temple Run where you could play as Ja Rule?

While you ponder that, peep this, and hopefully it’ll resuscitate your brain stem as it has mine. Thanks, RTJ!