Ryan Hemsworth Makes 5 Weird Confessions to Us About Ryan Hemsworth

June 25th, 2015

Ryan Hemsworth Makes 5 Weird Confessions to Us About Ryan Hemsworth


As the darling du-jour of the internet and a man with a million billion Twitter followers, DJ/producer Ryan Hemsworth is in the public eye. Right in their retina, probably. He’s deep in there.

So, it’s safe to say that, given his visibility, he doesn’t have a lot of secrets left to hide. Indeed, his well of closet skeletons has been running dry as he makes regular confessions to his Twitter following such as “goddamn i love coming home drunk to a pet like i could fukkin pet u and scratch ur ears for 3 hours straight.”

And that made us wonder. What is there left to know about Ryan Hemsworth? We know he makes amazing music. We know he can impersonate a young Spanish boy just trying to make it on the streets of Ibiza. We know he’s playing a show with Franki Chan on Saturday, June 27th as part of his Just Rap Tour (that, children, is how you shamelessly plug a show.)

But what about the more intimate, personal details of his existence? We were dying to know what really goes on inside that mildly beautiful head of his, so we asked him to confess to us some confessions.

Here is what he told us.

1. I’ve watched Nacho Libre at least 13 times and if I met Jack Black I’d melt.









Napoleon Dynamite was great but Jared Hess’ true magnum opus is Nacho, for it is filled with rich fart sound effects and inspiration for troubled youth. I don’t know what makes this movie so perfect to me, perhaps the attention it puts on sweatpants, dry toast, and little chubby boys. But I do know that soon the film will meet its 10th anniversary, and I will be forced to sacrifice a full bag of The Lord’s Chips to my savior, Jack Black.

2. I can’t stop listening to Fiona Apple.

Every time I put on “The First Taste” (which is every day) I immediately feel better about living on earth.

3. I can still play every Red Hot Chili Peppers song on guitar except the “Scar Tissue” solo cause sliders are kinda hard.

My brother got me a glass slider for Christmas one year and demanded I learned the solo to that song. Could never really get it, maybe it’s just because of the glass slider over a metal one? Not sure, but I don’t think he’ll ever let it down.

4. Something I derive the most pleasure from is vacuuming other peoples’ houses.

I dunno. Is it weird? I dunno.

5. I still care lots about Bam Margera.

I can usually, sort of, keep my cool meeting people I look up to, but if I met Bam Margera I’d lose most of my shit. I’ve seen every CKY, Jackass episode, listened to I think every Radio Bam, have worn the H.I.M. merch, pretty much everything except tried to rock the goatee. Not feeling the dubstep stuff but, y’know, respect. Spread your wings, Bam.


Come see Ryan in person and see if you can get him to ‘fess up to anything else when his Just Rap Tour stops by L.A. for a special show with Franki Chan this Saturday, June 27th.


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