fbpx S-Type Remixes Obey City's "Waterbed" and It's FIRE – IHEARTCOMIX
September 11th, 2015

s-type remix obey city waterbed fire

Umm, omg.

*clutches her chest because S-Type‘s new remix is too much to handle*

I mean, I thought those double-smoked bacon sandwiches I ate did me rough, but in a nefarious plot to render me both immobile and speechless, S-Type gave LuckyMe homie Obey City‘s “Waterbed” (that features Anthony Flammia) a brand new spicy, so spicy you poo blood, makeover. Listen below.


The original was a slow, gotta-grind-to-this-and-sin-in-front-of-the-Lord jam, but S-Type‘s remix gets straight to the point. Foot on the accelerator from the very beginning with the snares. I’m talking MAD banger, y’all. Flexing around the club and obnoxiously bumping into everyone I see. Jesus, forgive me. I’m knocking someone out tonight with my uncoordinated dancing skills.

As Obey City recalled in an email to The FADER, “When Anthony and I first heard how he had flipped the remix all we could do was text each other excitable gibberish—which I feel is always the sign of a true banger.” I feel you feeling that.

And guess what, y’all? If you don’t know yet, S-Type AND Obey City are on tour together (does this mean we get to hear this remix twice in one night? I kinda hope so), and ClubIHC is hosting their night here in Los Angeles next Friday. Tickets are here. COOOME THROOUUGHH.

In the meantime, I gotta lie down. My heart rate is triple its normal speed. Whew.