fbpx Salva Debuts New Heater "Freaky Dancing" off Upcoming "Peacemaker" Album!
October 16th, 2014


Yesterday, Friends of Friends producer Paul Salva dropped a sexy new heater Freaky Dancing ft. Ruckazoid off his upcoming album Peacemaker out October 29th! One of the most versatile producers in the game, the new joint is a slow R&B burner with plenty of low end and on point percussion. We’ve already heard a few of the harder hip hop tracks off the new album and even Salva admits, “I’ve been working on my rap album Peacemaker for the last year or so, letting out tracks like “Old English” and “Drop That Bitch”…those hard futuristic street tracks are really what this album is about,” As much as we love the turnup, we’re more than content to turn down with the bae for this late night lover jam. Salva further explains his connection with Ruckazoid saying, “I started working with Ruckazoid, who is low key one of the most talented motherfuckers on the planet. I knew about him back in the day being one of the illest scratch DJs and then I heard him sing on Breakbot’s single “Fantasy” in 2011 and work on some shit with Hudmo…I knew had to link with him. This is the first track we finished together on the vocal tip—something sexy for the freaks.” We’ll be more than happy to get freaky to this new drop and can’t wait for the full release just in time for Halloween. Stream the new track and pick up the new Peacemaker album October 29th!