May 1st, 2013



Amanda XOXO, a very lovey and amazing lady I’ve known since my early days back in Seattle is in need of some help. A staple in the indie music scenes, she’s been dealing with some crazy back issues years. Now she has a chance to fix them, but like most of us in this industry she is without insurance and needs the support of her peers to make this happen.

Amanda to me has always been the most positive and happy person I’ve ever met. She truly shines a light upon the world. I couldn’t think of a bigger crime than to let someone like that suffer.

So, a double record compilation has been made on her behalf to help her raise money to get this taken care of. 40+ artists, all bad ass music, all for a good cause. Do it and rejoice that you’ve done something awesome. GET IT HERE.

Here’s some more info:


This compilation will benefit the medical treatment of our friend Amanda McCabe, who has been bravely battling a debilitating type of scoliosis for many years. She’s finally got her first appointment with the Mayo Clinic on April 25th, 2013 in Jacksonville, FL.

Amanda is an amazing lady and stalwart of the indie music community. She created original album art for David Dondero, Birds & Batteries and Garrett Pierce, rocked a DJ residency at the legendary Hemlock Tavern in SF, interned at Subpop, worked at label relations for SNOCAP, was VP for Buried Treasure Records, admin for the Punk Rock Orchestra… The list goes on.

Music is her life.

So it only seems fitting that some of the artist she’s helped and worked with chip in some music.

This compilation includes music by some of the best artists I can think of and better yet, these are mostly unreleased rarities: b-sides, acoustic versions, live recordings, yet to be released tracks.

If you’re reading this, you’re a fan of indie-music. In exchange for the heartfelt music on this compilation, please contribute whatever you can to Amanda’s treatment. We can do it!

$10 is the minimum, but if you can give more it would be even better.

We REALLY appreciate this showing of support and believe that if enough fans contribute, something good can happen. The goal is to ease some of Amanda’s financial pressures while she figures this out and hopefully heals up.

-Mike S


STA v1 and v2