fbpx Science! Lies! Betrayal! All That Drama and More in StarRo's Video for "Tainted" – IHEARTCOMIX
June 8th, 2015


I nearly failed chemistry in high school. Everything I know about the subject I learned from Walter White, and my recent consumption of way too many edibles while watching Bill Nye episodes on Netflix. But I don’t need to be an expert to know that finding the cure for cancer would be a huge fucking deal – and that stealing credit for something like that would be a DICK MOVE ON YOUR PART.

Cue R&B/experimental artist StarRo, and his new video for his track “Tainted.” In the cinematic video, Dr. Shawn Matthews becomes savior of the world by creating a solution that’ll kick the shit out of cancer’s ass, once and for all. His BFF is ecstatic for him … OR SO IT SEEMS. He’s seen patting his friend on the back, probably saying something like, “Great job, man [suspicious laughter] I’m real proud of you, hehehuh” – and then BFF goes full Brutus and tries to eradicate Dr. Matthews by gassing him in a locked chamber, evil-comic-book-villain-slash-madman-scientist style.

What an a-hole.

But in true sci-fi form, Shawn rises from the dead with spanking new super powers that I’m not entirely sure about – but they definitely involve a lot of strangling and radioactive eyes.


The upgraded Doctor Shawn Matthews completely Hulks out and wreaks havoc on the streets while his terminally ill wife waits in their home, forlorn, until BFF-of-the-year barges in and continues earning his title. What a winner.

Luckily, Dr. Shawn-Turned-Hulk crashes in and avenges himself with some old-fashioned brutality. Beating up nerds who ACTUALLY deserve it. CHYEAH!



The video is directed by Brad Wong and the Meteorites, who’ve filmed a ton of acclaimed, award-winning shorts (they were in Cannes, y’all!), and the song itself features LA-based singer Jarell Perry. “Tainted” is a soft, sensual, semi-angsty ballad that somehow fits well with the theme of the video. But I would brood too if my friend stole my top-caliber scientific research and then turned me into a monster. Yeesh.

StarRo‘s “Tainted” is from his Emotion EP, which was released a couple months ago and can be heard here. Additionally, if you’re into the vibes that the vid and the song have got going, check out StarRo’s Soundcloud. It’s a nice place to raise a family.


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