May 3rd, 2016

Full disclosure: nothing’s really scary about this week’s songs, except for the fact that I haven’t done a Tracks of the Week in like three weeks. Or has it been 33?

Well, I guess Stormzy‘s contribution is kind of scary because he looks like he wants to chomp your skull, and ILoveMakonnen‘s track on here is also kind of unnerving because it outs him and his little dogs too as exhibiting all the psychiatric traits one would normally associate with OCD. Ellie Herring is terrifying because we haven’t heard from her in so long that we assumed she was dead, and there’s a mashup of LCD Soundsystem and TLC in here that’s about as Frankenstein-esque as you can get.

So anyway, here it is: the fresh batch of Pretty Scary Tracks of the Last Three Weeks.

1. ILoveMakonnen Ft. Lil Yachty & Skippa Da Flippa- “Loaded Up”

Things ILoveMakonnen has claimed to have already loaded up:

1. ) Cash

2.) Coke

3. ) Money

4.) Dope

Wow. These boys must be really proactive about packing. Please come help me move, ILoveMakonnen. I could use a man with your initiative around my fine china.

2. Stormzy – “Scary”

Grime lord Stormzy recently dropped this track and dark video to tease his upcoming debut album, which is expected out sometime this summer. The song is produced by Sir Spyro and comes with a very intense video directed by regular collaborator Kaylum Dennis. It’s the first new music from Stormzy has released since “One Take Freestyle“, released in January, which could be 1468 as far as I’m concerned. Glad he’s coming back, because as we’ve covered here, his impacted on grime can’t be understated. 

My favorite part of this song is the way Stormzy pronounces pussy. He says it like “pousey.” That’s pretty cool.

3. Ellie Herring – “Judge”

“Judge” is producer Ellie Herring’s rave-meets-house bounce track released off Japan’s up-and-coming TREKKIE TRAX label.  Probably her most dancefloor-ready single to date, its a mood-improving conglomeration of big bass, giant synth jabs and playful vocals that sound perfectly fitted to TREKKIE’s sonic palate.

4. Mvstermind – “Mali Moolah”

“Mali Moolah” is the latest from St. Louis hip-hop artist Mvstermind, a man who is 100 percent convinced that he has superpowers. I guess if you count making a really catchy rap record as a superpower, he’s right.

He’s great, but still pretty underground, so we’re excited to see what he puts out next as he’s definitely deserving of a larger audience, especially since I hear he can levitate while reading your mind and also lifting a bus.

5. Jarreau Vandal – “Small Talk”

On the subject of super powers, “Small Talk” is the final single from the Soulection producer Jarreau Vandal‘s forthcoming project, “Suburb Superhero.”

The song blends together elements of jazz, R&B, trap and house, making for a feel-good, groovy listen. How sweet.

Word’s still out on whether there’s any relation between “Jarreau” and the “jars” of random stuff on the single art below … praying for yes. I love a good understated wordplay.

6. demi – “TLC Soundsystem/ Scrub Yrself Clean”

What do you get when you mix LCD Soundsystem with TLC? “Scrub Yrself Clean,” a perfect hybrid of “Dance Yourself Clean and every 20-year-old girl next on the karaoke queue’s favorite song, “Scrub.”

It’s a perfected combination from demi, a mysterious internet presence who exists sheerly to mix two songs together and make it sound good. Big win with this one.