November 19th, 2014


On a recent trip to Tokyo I had the absolute pleasure of diving into the local¬†dance scene and what I got out of it was a head full of influences and black book full of new contacts. My mind was blown with all the awesome stuff happening over there and it’s become my latest mission to help bridge the gap overseas.

One of best DJs I met was Shogo Soezima. He’s part of the Asobi System collective, a business that’s very similar to IHC and handles artists like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Tempura Kidz as well as throwing a ton of the best events around Tokyo. ¬†Shogo is one of their main DJs and Producers and an all around amazing dude.

This week he released a mixtape for Lexdray that mixes some of the best sounds from Japan with some of the best sounds from the rest of the world. It’s dope, worth the listen and a great intro to the world of Shogo…

SHOGO SOEZIMA – ‘Welcome to Harajuku’ Mix for Lexdray: