August 28th, 2012

Having just released his debut EP at the end of last year, Barcelona/Montreal beatmaker, Sinjin Hawke, has certainly begun to make a name for himself as one of the more advanced producers around. As a resident of the Boomclap parties in Montreal, Sinjin Hawke contributed a voice that was missing in the city’s underground bass scene, gaining notoriety through a series of bootlegs and collaborations that recontextualized popular artists by pairing them with elements from different types of club music mosre specifically rap and grime. The result is a collection of low end inspired, celestial dance music with emotional depth; far more eccentric than your standard acapella rework.

From there, Sinjin Hawke relocated to Barcelona, where he finally had the time to conceive his own original productions. The Lights Ep was the direct result of that move, highlighting the advanced production methods of his bootleg work, but now with a more shimmering orchestral mentality. The arrangements are lush with washes of spiraling melodics; all impressively calculated and controlled. His ability to produce each instrument or sample within the same sonic climate helps to collectivelty shape the experience as each track builds layer upon layer before smashing through with precision breaks, augmented rhythm patterns, and the occasional horn section.

For his upcoming tour, Sinjin Hawke turned his focus to rewriting and reconfiguring his set to perform live. His recent live debut on Boiler Room TV sees the producer successfully making the jump back to analog devices, trading in his computer for an MPC, a few synths, and drum machines. Regardless of the medium, Sinjin Hawke remains dedicated to his craft, and continues to push the boundaries of his own limitations while still creating music far more advanced than many of his contemporaries.

Sinjin Hawke will be performing live at Los Globos coming up on September 14th. Joining him will be Clicks & Whistles, FuzZ, and Keltronix. In the meantime, check out his debut EP, The Lights, out now on Pelican Fly.

Tickets are available HERE.