fbpx Sizzy Rocket Revitalizes Beastie Boy's "Girls!"
May 7th, 2014

Vegas singer, Sizzy Rocket has been breaking all the rules with her thrill-seeking sounds and salacious attitude since her move to New York City. Today she released her new music video for her flip of fellow New Yorkers, Beastie Boys’, Girls. Subtle variations in lyrics give Sizzy’s version a contemporary revitalization of this retro Summer anthem.


Definitely a more polished product than the Beasties, she maintains a raw vocal quality that bites back. The video, Directed by Eve Del Prado for The Neo Noir, features Sizzy Rocket alongside her bad baes reveling in their femininity.  Girls makes a strong statement about the social injustice women face on the daily with lyrics like,  “They don’t want to see a girl caking like a millionaire, They just want to see you eat the cake cause you don’t really care,  so put the icing in your mouth and lick it like you want to stick it, girl you want to see my dick pic?!” Think twice before asking Sizzy Rocket to pick up your laundry or you might end up like the guy in her debut video I Wanna Rob. Her debut album Theif is set to release later this year so stay tuned!