fbpx Slowdive presents: A Reunion? – IHEARTCOMIX
January 20th, 2014

It’s January 20th. Amidst the wash of MLK tributes, people overreacting to Richard Sherman, protests in Kiev, and a general appreciation of Drake’s recent performance on SNL, the world needs to slowdown for a second a realize that Slowdive might be reuniting.

Very quietly, evidence is building in the background that the band plan to do something soon. In addition to a new Slowdive twitter account, members Nick Chaplin, Rachel Goswell, Simon Scott, and Christian Savill have started counting down to something happening on January 29th. With Mojave 3 on hiatus and last year’s acoustic appearance from Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell, things are looking good. That date also falls in line with the Primavera lineup release which would be the vibe for sure.


Additionally, it is interesting to point out that with crowd sourcing and the internet as it is these days, fiscal matters wont be an issue this time around. As you may recall, their label dropped them while touring their second record, Souvlaki. This forced the band to source out funding for their U.S. tour through the sale of a live DVD and show programs that jeered at the former label. Analog Kickstarter for those of you born when the album came out. Fuck, I was only 8. You get what I mean though.

Anyways, are you guys stoked? My Bloody Valentine last year, Slowdive this year. Maybe Lush will be next. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday with some selections from the hopefully soon to be reunited Slowdive. It’s kind of a bummer to see it written off as riding the nostalgia circuit, but great music is great music and will always be great music. So, fuck your nostalgia. Enjoy!