Tracks of the Week: Cough Drops

Posted by Jacqueline Wongso 8 months ago in Music

songs tracks of the week cough drops

I’ve been trying to get over this terrible cold for two weeks now. What do I do when I’m sick, you ask? I watch a lot of YouTube and listen to every track on Soundcloud until every song sounds like a Sade remix. But because of this, I discovered a shit ton of new music last week from Sheer Mag, Gallant, unreleased MK, and more! Not to mention, my favorite new artist of the week, Nisennenmondai from Japan. Let’s dig in.

1. Sheer Mag – “Can’t Stop Fighting”

Sheer Mag just released their newest track “Can’t Stop Fighting” a few days ago and it’s been on repeat for me. The song starts off with a guitar solo but it only gets better with solid vocals from lead singer Christina Halladay.

“All my life I’ve felt the eye of the catcall. We’re striking back baby, and you can find me in the vanguard. You say you don’t understand. I can see the blood, it’s on your hands,” she sings.

It’s pretty obvious what this song means … and I love it.

2. Declan McKenna – “Brazil”

I heard this song on KCRW on my way to work and I instantly fell in love. I had to Shazam it three times to make sure I got the right track because at that moment, this song was the most important thing to me. Then when I got to the office I saw this music video and realized this dude is a young kid! Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to 17 y/o Declan Mckenna of the United Kingdom. This track has that 2010 indie vibe that gives me nostalgic feelings of college. He sounds like an old soul but sure doesn’t look like one.

3. Gallant – “Skipping Stones” feat. Jhene Aiko

Take my hand and let’s slow dance to this beautiful track by Gallant and Jhené Aiko. If you haven’t heard of Gallant then this song is a great introduction to this artist that carries so much star power. The blend of Gallant’s falsettos and Jhené’s sultry voice go together like cream and coffee. He announced, “I wrote this song for the lonely ones this Valentine’s Day.” Knowing that this song is for the lonely ones, the lyrics “What am I missin'” hauntingly echoes in my mind.

4. Rufus aka Rufus Du Sol – “Say a Prayer For Me” (MK Remix)

RÜFÜS aka RÜFÜS DU SOL recently released their album Bloom and it’s been the most buzz-worthy thing in dance music. The praise on this album is only going to skyrocket due to this “unreleased” MK remix of “Say a Prayer For Me.” Honestly, MK has to be one of my top house producers in the game right now and this remix only validates my statement. He tends to take phrases of the song and lightly echo them in the background creating something so dreamlike and melodious that I could listen to this on the beach, in my backyard, at the parking lot waiting for AAA, etc., forever.

5. Nisennenmondai – “#3”

This is a new one guys. Nisennenmondai is a three-piece girl band from Japan that have been playing together since 1999. The band consists of Sayaka Himeno on the drums, Yuri Zaikawa on bass, Masako Takada on guitar, and all together produced by legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood. The most unique thing about them is that they start off by creating a noise track using post-punk instrumentals with heavy repetition to mimic the beat of techno. There’s nothing like them.

6. Hodgy Beats – “Makaveli”

If you don’t know, Hodgy Beats have been on fire with releasing new music on his Soundcloud. His latest track titled “Mackaveli” samples Teddy Pendergrass’ “Love T.K.O” but more closely sounds like Ahmad’s “Back In The Day (Remix).” If you listen closely you can hear a familiar voice in the background. Yes you got it. Frank Ocean might be coming back.


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