Songs Of The Week: It Takes Two

Posted by Jacqueline Wongso 8 months ago in Music


You only pray that Rihanna comes out with a free album. It’s only a miracle that Drake comes out with a song that talks about the summer. We can only hope for any reworks and remixes be better than the original. Well last week the music spirits were rooting for us and answered all of our wishes. It was so hard to narrow which top tracks to highlight for the week but after a few rounds of coin toss (because that’s how our government does it), here are our top choices.

It would be a huge sin if I (the biggest Rihanna fan) didn’t talk about how she RELEASED ANTI FOR FREE. I don’t care if it’s promotion for Tidal or Samsung. It’s still a free album and a fantastic one at that. But … since we gotta spice it up a little over here at IHC we want to present you Dre Dogue‘s Rushed AF RIRI Rework “Werk.” Rushed or not, I love this track especially due to the drum and bass break in the middle. Go on press play and work work work work.


Our dearest VenessaMichaels & Moonz did a rendition of a Fugee’s classic “Killing Me Softly.” One might say, “what’s the difference between this cover and the 702439 other ones out there?” Well first off each verse and break sounds a bit differently than the last which doesn’t bore someone who sifts through music 24/7 (aka me). VenessaMichaels proves her #2090 spin by infusing some Jersey Club at 3:10 while also keeping the original melody of this classic track. If you’re a fan of ’90s hip hop, Jersey club, and future bass, you’ll certainly dig this track.


Girl Pusher is a duo hailing from Bakersfield, CA that gives a sound we’ve all been craving for since the death of Crystal Castles. Yes I know Crystal Castles is still a thing but who gives a fuck when we have new acts emerging like Girl Pusher. I saw them last week at The Smell and let me tell you they gave me a performance to remember. Their new track “U CANT HURT ME U DONT KNOW SHIT” evokes the angst that has been pent up from all of shit you’ve taken from the people that’s been pissing you off. What I like about Girl Pusher is they highlight their instrumentals while using their vocals as support, instead of the other way around. Fans of electro-punk, you gotta check them out.


Matthew E White teamed up with the amazing Natalie Prass on this one off single “Cool Out.” I’m trying to refrain from using the word “cool” to describe this song but I mean this track is so damn … cool. Okay let me try one more time. This song is warm, brassy, and rich in tones. Not to mention DJ Harrison from Stones Throw produced this track.


starRo teamed up with One T on his new track “Relapse.” “I’m excited to show my love to funk, garage, pop music and ’80s synth soundscape in this song,” he explained. I could definitely hear this track being played in the club and immediately get people going on the dance floor. Shoutout to staRo! We’re stoked to hear more music like this coming from this dude.


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