April 12th, 2016

There are times in the office when I feel really stressed out. Usually it’s around lunch time because my mind is preoccupied with what I should eat. Just kidding. I always know what I want to eat.


Nonetheless, I’m sure that every one of you guys feel that intense pressure during work too. I’ve selected a few tracks that will help you get you through those gruesome hours. Some are intense and some are soothing.

Let’s begin shall we?


1. ICE – “pullapart pullinpray”

Remember that one time in the office you just slammed your hands on the keyboard out of frustration? ICE’s newest track sounds just like that but also evokes the feeling of satisfaction post-rage. ICE fka Black James was my favorite artist when I was living in St.Louis for a while. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


2. Nosaj Thing- “N R 2”

Last week, Nosaj Thing came out with a brilliant EP called No Reality. Yes you heard me correctly … Nosaj Thing … you remember him right? He’s the dude that was the soundtrack to all your make out sessions in college. Well he’s back. To be honest, this is my favorite work of his that he has ever done. Especially “N R 2” because this track sounds like the combination of my two favorite producers, Jacques Greene and Jamie XX.  Also check out www.nosajthing.com and your mind will be blown away.


3. kflay – “FML”

I’ve said the phrase “FML” almost every time I make a mistake at work. Probably not the best phrase to use. Why you ask? Well, listen to the lyrics of kflay’s “FML” and you’ll know exactly why. I resonate with this song because she truly appreciates the blessings and opportunities that are given to her but sometimes that can come off as a curse.

“I’m living out my dreams every night, I love my life. But when I open up my eyes it’s not as nice.”

4. Culture Abuse – “Dream On”

This song isn’t new but Culture Abuse recently put out their whole album Peach online for a few days and let me tell you that I listened to the shit out of it. I didn’t rip it off of Soundcloud though because I wanted to purposely wait till the record comes out so I can grab a physical copy. Yes. It’s that good. It’s so good that I would be down to spend an extra $7.99 for shipping.


5. Dot – “Muse”

You’re almost done with your rigorous worK day and you suddenly think about that one bath bomb you spent your life savings on sitting on top of your shelf. Imagine yourself soaking into a warm bath filled with bubbles and unnecessary rose petals. Now, put this track on repeat until you forget about all those angry and stressful times you had that day.

*Breathe in …breathe out* … Wait sorry, that’s “Machinehead” by Bush …

You’re welcome.