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February 17th, 2014

After a busy year of touring, remixing, and producing, synth mastermind Com Truise launches  into 2014 with proton cannons fully charged! Still holding his ground, Com Truise aka Seth Haley is back this year with an exciting new release Wave 1 EP, a continuation of the beautiful intergalactic travels of one cyborg astronaut exploring the vast reaches of space, and will soon make his rounds here on Earth with the kick off of a 2 month US tour. We’ve received an exclusive interview transmitted from the generous Com Truise himself, as he tells us what’s been in the works with the new LP, who he’s been working with, going back to his roots, launching his label, and a wild tour story you won’t want to abort.


Last year you had a residency at the Paper Box in NY called ‘Drifts.’ What was the inspiration behind this night?

The inspiration was really to get some new talent and some friends from the Tri-State area to come and play. I intended not to be the focal point of the nights. It was a way to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while and really just some good fun  for me.


Do you think you’ll bring back ‘Drifts’ in 2014? And if so would you use the same venue?

I’d definitely like to. I’d also like to expand the talent reach and maybe try it in a warmer month!


The new ‘Wave 1’ EP drops soon and features vocals by Joel Ford on the track “Declination”, how did you guys end up working together?

Joel and I casually discussed working together a while back. I had some of the EP finished up and we reached out to Joel to see if he was interested in lending his voice to one track that really sounded right for him. That was “Declination” and he ran with it. I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out.

Lately you’ve been pumping out remixes like a madman for the likes of Sally Shapiro, Blood Diamonds, and Maroon 5 (to name a few). Are there any current remixes you’re stoked to work on?

I’m working on one as we speak, for the band Weeknight. It really just fell out of my head and I’m very pleased with how its sounding. I’ve got a few others to finish up in the next days before I leave  for tour.


Do you have any bands or producers that you’ve been following recently?

Not so much. I’ve been dusting of my drum and bass roots and going back to some records that inspired me when I first started this project. I feel I’ve become a bit over-exposed and am trying to dial it back to my roots and get focused.


For us synth nerds that follow you on Instagram and notice you’re posts of modular synth cases in the making, what are some of your favorite modules to use? And how many cases do you have ballpark?

I’m a huge intellijel and make noise nut these days. I just got the intellijel Metropolis and Cylonix Shapeshifter and they together are really blowing my mind at the moment. I have 3 cases almost full and one of the make noise systems. It’s currently my main focus, the modular stuff. Trying to get all my secret weapons together to write the album.


Have you ever thought of designing a module yourself? Or in partnership with a company?

I have, briefly. Maybe that will pan out but I haven’t really sat down and thought about what I feel like is missing.


Any new Com Truise music videos in the works?

There has been some talk, might happen when I get back from the tour.


What’s the latest from your record label, “Processing Records”?

Nothing at the moment, I think 2014 will be the year I really get it up and running.


Is there any venue you haven’t played yet but would like to?

Nothing really comes to mind. Anywhere people love my music I am down to play.


Are you willing to share any deets on the new album?

It’s meant to be a little uncomfortable/uneasy; it’s meant to feel different but the same. It was written over a long period of time so it has a loose personal connection but it’s still running on my storyline of the first android astronaut traveling to a newly discovered planet called ‘Wave 1’.

You’ve been around the world a couple times, any outrageous tour stories you’d like to share?

Driving between Dallas and Austin we were accused of having a car full of drugs by a “Fugitive Taskforce Agent” wearing flip-flops (how would you catch a running fugitive wearing flip-flops?), he questioned us, called numbers on his cell phone saying “this is officer 14563…” We stood there pumping out gas. Turns out there was a US Marshal pumping gas on the other side of the pump. He flashed me his badge and gun and then walked over and started asking the guy who had been questions us for all of his info. Mind you this all started from innocently eating at a Texas Denny’s…

We walked back to the restaurant and the waitress told both officers that they had the wrong guys. What I think happened was the first guy was impersonating a federal agent and got caught by a US Marshal, we think he was trying to steal drugs from us, though we had no drugs.


What should we expect from Com Truise in 2014?

Some producer work, more remixes. I hope to get a large chunk of the next LP done and get Processing Records up and running!

Pick up Wave 1 HERE.