September 9th, 2015

The artist formerly known as Spazzkid will hereby record exclusively under his birth name, Mark Redito, and will also be teaming up with our IHC 1FINITY label to release a new single next month.

In a press release today, the artist explained that the decision to change the pseudonym came about after “careful research into the various uses of the word ‘spaz’ as a derogatory term,” and why he no longer feels comfortable using the word.

Read an excerpt of Mark Retido’s message below, or check out the whole thing here.

“To all fans, friends, family, listeners, passers by, and anyone else who reads this: I will be forgoing my “Spazzkid” moniker effective immediately for a multitude of reasons, but I wanted to write to everyone explaining the two main ones.

“After careful research into the various uses of the word “spaz” as a derogatory term, I no longer feel comfortable representing my music and art with a term that has the power to hurt a large group of people. While it was never my intention to offend anyone, I owe every person aggrieved by my old moniker a heartfelt apology, and this is just that. I’m sorry.”

So, you guys got it?  Don’t call Mark Redito “Spazzkid” anymore!  Shortly after news of the name-change broke, Mark released a new single, “3am Apologies,” via Ryan Hemsworth’s record label, Secret Songs.  Check out the late-night vibes below.

How do you like that Mark Redito news?  Good, because there is more Mark Redito news where that came from.  The guy also just announced that his next single will be dropping on IHEARTCOMIX’s very own IHC 1NFINITY label this October!  Obviously we’ll feed you with more info (like a title, specific release date, etc.) as it bubbles up to the surface — so keep those beautiful little corneas glued to your computer screens in the meantime, ’cause you know we don’t disappoint.