fbpx SPECIAL REPORT: Is the new X-Men film the genre's Forrest Gump?
November 26th, 2013


Is the new X-Men film “Days of Future Past” meant to be the super hero genre’s answer to “Forrest Gump“?

That’s a very real question in my mind in both theme and excellence. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been this excited about a movie in a long time. Wait, Bryan Singer (the Director of the first 2 X-Men films) is back AND he’s bringing back the original cast AND he’s combining it with the cast from ‘First Class‘ into ONE BIG MOVIE??? Boom! Mind exploded.

This is pretty much every geek’s ‘best case scenario’ brought to life, but the one thing that has been bugging me has been all the promos they’ve been rolling out that mix real history with X-men history (like how the mutants were responsible for the Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis in ‘First Class‘). They’ve seemed to really embrace this theme and now mutants (particularly Magneto) are responsible for every major US political moment.

It’s a little much for me (although a bit fun). I get the temptation. I get that if mutants really did exist that they would have had an effect on our culture, but don’t you think they would have had a much greater impact that just the same old clumsy moves us normal humans made on our own?? At least in the case of Forrest Gump in was a combination of innocent run ins that created a butterfly effect that changed our whole culture. Here, you have dudes WITH CRAZY ASS POWERS. Don’t you think if Magneto wanted a revolution he would have done more than just flick a bullet into JFK’s head? I think Magneto is way cooler than Forrest Gump anyways…

Check out this cool promo below and let the debate continue!!