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February 10th, 2015


LA producer starRo was coming off a successfully busy year, touring with the Soulection crew and Chet Faker all over, when he noticed that a few of the songs on the album he was working on had a completely different feel than the rest of them. They were more atmospheric, more slow-motion dance floor-y, more electronically aligned than his past material. So, instead of figuring out how to sandwich them in with his slower, more traditional soul/R&B tracks, he stuck them on their very own, categorically distinct EP.

The EP, dubbed ‘Emotion’  (or EEEEMMMMOTTIONNN as the album art calls it) contains five dreamy, heartfelt R&B jams that feature the likes of  Jarell Perry, Greg Gease, Christian Crow, and Vib.

“I found these tracks in ‘Emotion’ have a different vibe than the others so I decided to split them up and release these seven tracks first,” starRo said in a press release.

“‘Emotion’ might betray expectation of listeners who are familiar with my past works,” he said. “In contrast to my typical sound which is more soul R&B influenced music, I ventured to present my versatility as an artist. I wanted to pursue a more electronic accessible vibe that emphasizes the pieces as ‘songs’ rather than just the ‘tracks’.”

As the title foreshadows, the EP creates a palate of emotions you can chose from to take you back to moments of poignancy in your own life, but whichever you chose, expect the accompanying sound to be more sensual, intense and rhythmic than you’re used to with starRo. There are more sonic undulations to grab on to, more synthetic dream pop noises to lull you into bobbing your head like an idiot in the coffee shop.

So, how does starRo want you to ingest this new sound of his?

“Put on your headphones, close your eyes and enjoy your own imaginary film,” he commands. We’ll do whatever you say, starRo. Except the peanut butter thing. Anything but the peanut butter thing …

The dreamy R&B boss is also knee-deep in a separate project that focuses more on both soul and R&B and dance music as well, so stay tuned for that.

But you don’t have to wait too long to get a taste of starRo’s new electro-dream vibez; you can see him live at ClubIHC along with Pomo on Friday, March 13 at The Lash Pop-Up. Tickets here.

Club IHC Presents ::: Pomo with StarRo, Mike Gao + Brogan Bentley

Friday, Mar 13, 2015 9:00 PM PDT (9:00 PM Doors)
The Lash Pop-Up, Los Angeles, CA
21 +


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