starRo Shares his Top Five Favorite Places in Los Angeles

March 11th, 2015

starRo Shares his Top Five Favorite Places in Los Angeles

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Tokyo native starRo (technically Shinya Mizoguchi, but really, who cares about “real” names these days?) has made a new home for himself in Los Angeles, and we’re all better off for it. But even the best DJs get homesick sometimes, and so we asked Mizoguchi to give us his Top Five places in L.A. to go to cure his blues in his adopted city, so now you know where to stalk him this week leading up to his show this Friday with POMO and Mike Gao.



Tokyo Beats This is a completely random karaoke bar in the middle of Little Tokyo where their Japan inspired exterior is greatly exaggerated it’s almost like you are watching some 80’s Hollywood-made Yakuza movie. But on Thursday this place completely transforms into the night club hosting one of the dopest parties in the scene. This is definitely one of the hide-out spots for many electronic producers. This is also the only club in LA where you can eat a bowl of ramen while you are twerking to the heavy bass.



Bar Jackalope  The typical people drinking there are not necessarily my kinda vibe, but I just love the fact that they are specialized in Japanese whiskey which, trust me, is one of the BEST whiskeys in the world.



Tsujita LA If you are looking for a new kind of ramen, try this. Tsukemen is one of the styles of ramen where the soup is served separately from the noodles and you basically dip the noodle in that soup. Tsujita is very well known for Tsukemen even back in Japan so this is as Authentic as you can get. I think they only serve Tsukemen for lunch time though, so better be careful. (Edit. they recently changed the rules and you CAN get Tsukemen for dinner)



Solutions! This is the old instrument repair shop on Sunset blvd where they have that iconic painting at the store front. The painting and whole atmosphere inside is so laid-back that it always gives me that “I am in LA!” feeling. And of course, as a music producer, it’s like the Toys R Us of vintage instruments. I wish I had a garage full of these cool instrument and junks. If you carefully look at the stuff they keep inside the store, you’ll occasionally find that the instruments belong to interesting people as well. Last time I was there I found Jamie Foxx’s keyboard on repair.



Starbucks on Palos Verdes Drive W. This is definitely my secret go-to place. I don’t think any Starbucks (or any coffee shop) is located any better than this place. It has a some of the best ocean views in the world that wil make your $4 latte taste like $400 vintage wine. As a person coming from another cosmopolitan city, any city side of Los Angeles has no huge surprise. But if you drive along the Palos Verdes Drive West, this is just special. You will thank yourself for living in LA where you have this view that people would fly 10 hours from all over the world just to see – in just a half an hour drive.


Now that you’re educated in the ways of The ‘Ro, get your ramen twerking, Japanese whiskey drinking, Starbucks gazing, vintage instrument repairing asses over to the show at The Lash Pop-Up on Friday.

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