December 18th, 2012

It’s been a great year for music with tons of great, new emerging acts. As the 2012 winds down, its time to look back at the best of the year. I have compiled my Top Ten Albums of 2012. Below are #10 through #5. There have been so many talented new artists this year with so many great tracks. I really had to think of complete albums that are solid cover to credits and show great potential for the future. I am so fortunate to have seen most of them live and have been playing their albums on loop for the past few months. My Top Ten Albums span multiple genres but all have one thing in common, great songs that soundtrack my life.

Steve Party Dog

#10 – MNDR:  Feed Me Diamonds

Amanda Warner and Peter Wade’s new album Feed Me Diamonds earned a spot at number ten for their first full length electro-pop sensation. If your like me and enjoy slow building dreamy vocals with infectious hooks that linger, you’ll become a fan in no time. Top tracks include Stay and #1 In Heaven.

#9 – RiFF RAFF: Rap Game Bon Jovi

This might seem an unlikely choice for Top Ten Albums but with the reinvigoration of trap music, RiFF RAFF has used his over-the-top style and swag to charm his audiences. Releasing music videos seemingly every other week Jody High Roller raps with a puzzle of pop culture references that make each verse more rewarding than the last. It’s important not to look for deep philosophical meaning in his lyrics but rather enjoy how fun they are and bounce your ass with all the Ratchets. Top Tracks include Deion Sandals and Larry Bird.

#8 – Grimes: Visions

It’s easy to see why Grimes has become a sensation this year after releasing Visions. Somewhat dark but definitely still electro-pop the album has cemented her as a trend setter in her genre. Part of the album’s mystique is that it was made in isolation and after nine days Grimes emerged with what is certainly one of the best albums of the year. Top Tracks include Genesis and Oblivion.

#7 – Killer Mike: R.A.P. Music

Killer Mike’s new album R.A.P. Music was a joyous reunion with a dirty south rapper I grew up listening to. Familiar but fresh, Killer Mike collaborates with Bun B, TI, Trouble and EL-P to begin his reintroduction. R.A.P. Music stays true to the south throughout the album. The beats have been updated but the rhymes are still fast dirty, just like I like them. This is a hard hitting album that is sure to get the club rowdy. Top Tracks include Big Beast and R.A.P. Music.

#6 – Diamond Rings: Free Dimensional

John O’Reagan has put together a solid album for the 80’s fanatic and electro rocker alike. Diamond Ring’s retro yet futuristic appearance certainly plays into his unique and addictive sound and Free Dimensional has quickly earned him international recognition. The Canadian born rocker has been touring successfully the past few months and has a bright future ahead. As a child of the 80’s I was sold after track one. Top Tracks include All the Time and A To Z

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