December 21st, 2012

I happy to say that three out of my top five albums of 2012 are from artists based out of Los Angeles. These five albums are the stand out albums of the year for me. The discovery of these albums stem directly from how engrossed I’ve been in the music scene this past year. If you haven’t heard these albums yet, I’ve supplied videos for a tiny taste of what makes them great!

#5 Sky Ferreira- Ghost EP

Sky Ferreira seems to be everyone’s new obsession, or maybe just mine. Even though she hasn’t release a full length album, her Ghost EP has enamored critics and fans alike. The voice is silky, the hair is blonde, and the eyes are killer. Her voice shines in the simplest of beats with just keys for accompaniment. Only five tracks long, the album gives the listener more than enough to fall for the adorable Sky Ferreira. Top Tracks include Everything is Embarassing and Lost In My Bedroom

#4 Action Bronson- Rare Chandeliers

Action Bronson’s new album combines elements that have historically worked well in rap and takes them one step further. The combination of guitar solos and old school bass beats with electronic influence sets the tone for the raps of Action Bronson. His lyrics are creative and often involve his love for food. His collaboration with the Alchemist on the new album couldn’t have resulted better. Action Bronson knows collaborating on tracks with artist such as RiFF RAFF, Evidence, and Meyhem only broadens the possibilities and the audience.  Rare Chandeliers is a return to the feel good raps of the past and the sounds of the future, which happens to be the present. Top Tracks include The Symbol and Bitch I Deserve You feat Evidence.

#3  The Gaslamp Killer- Breakthrough

William Bensussen has been DJing on the L.A. scene for over a decade but has just released his debut album Breakthrough this year. A co-founder of the legendary Wednesday night event Low End Theory, The Gaslamp Killer is known for his psychadelic sets combining musical genres with abrasive and distinctive transitions. His new album Breakthrough exemplifies this style and pushes the evolution of musical boundaries employing world music, dubstep, and hip hop. His live performance don’t disappoint bordering on theatrical. Top Tracks include Nissim and Veins.

#2 Com Truise- In Decay

Seth Haley has created his own genre of mid-fi synth-wave slow motion funk as Com Truise. His latest album In Decay was highly anticipated by dedicated fans after the success of Galactic Melt. He delivers in style with tracks that stay true to his genre. Most of the vocals are samples, but In Decay is more about the journey of sound rather than hot hooks and verse. The effects and sounds from his extensive collection of rare and vintage synths free the mind and soul. Top Tracks include Open and 84′ Dreamin.

#1 Twin Shadow- Confess

By far my favorite album of the year. George Lewis Jr. has written songs inspired by his night time motorcycle rides in and around Los Angeles. The result has been an album that is haunting and familiar. The retro 80’s influence is undeniable but it goes beyond that with a longing that all Angelinos and music lovers can relate to. If you haven’t seen the videos for Five Seconds and Patient, I suggest you throw yourself into the world of Twin Shadow. I was fortunate to witness his last performance of his US Confess Tour and was sold on the devonaire rocker. Top Tracks include all of them! Below are videos for both Five Seconds and Patient that are based on George Lewis Jr.’s short story, and feature the now infamous motorcycle.