fbpx Stream this mini mix of Brodinski's upcoming album 'Brava' if you're impatient and dance-y – IHEARTCOMIX
February 5th, 2015


The only thing we hate more than waiting for an LP to come out is getting bit by rabid dogs and people with disconcertingly small teeth. Thank god French DJ/Producer Brodinski‘s mini mix of his upcoming album ‘Brava’ is currently helping us out with one of those things.

The album, which is his first, isn’t due out until March 3rd. However, the mini mix gives us a pretty damn good taste of the upbeat, intense, rap-heavy direction he’s taken it. The record is infused with all the influences that have fueled him over the years, including a heavy dose of rappers and singers from NY, Atlanta, LA, Chicago and Australia whose explosive styles combine to create a sonic landscape where a synergy between techno and rap rules all. .

The collaboration-centric LP will be released through his Bromance label and will feature a potent line up of club-centric rappers an DJs that includes the likes of iLoveMakonnen, Yung Gleesh, Slim Thug, Peewee Longway, Young Scooter, 2$ Fabo, SD, Bloody Jay, Maluca, Bricc Baby Shitro, Chill Will, and Phlo Finister.

Give it a listen if you know what’s good for you.

If you want to see Brodinski live, you’ll have to live in Europe or see him at the Holy Ship! Festival and CounterPoint, both of which are mercifully stateside.