October 11th, 2012

An artist seeking to inspire is still something that deserves respect and love, and Lil’ Debbie is keepin’ it lit. Hailing from Oakland, the DJ/Rapper/Model/Fashion Designer constantly seeks inspiration for her music and style while inspiring others. Lil’ Debbie claims she sort of fell into music by kickin’ it with her crew as an ex/current member of the White Girl Mob consisting of Kreayshawn, V-Nasty, and herself. She was the fashionista of the group and DJ for Kreayshawn and V-Nasty, quickly gaining her own notoriety. This caused a rift in the group leading to V-Nasty’s interview with Complex Magazine that temporarily ended Lil Debbie’s relationship with the White Girl Mob. Nevertheless, it’s clear from her own interviews that she’s talented, intelligent, business minded, and easy on the eyes. All while blazin’ blunts at that.

While no official album has been released, her video for the infectious, 2 Cups feat. DollaBillGates, exploded upon it’s release. With the hopes of squashing old beef, the White Girl Mob is back after the release of Lil’ Debbie and V- Nasty’s Gotta Ball video in July. Additionally, Lil’ Debbie teamed up with Riff Raff for several tracks, helping to catapult her career to a point where she can pursue her other talents as a designer.

Lil’ Debbie attributes her passion for fashion and modeling to her ancestral birthright, as she comes from a long line of tailors and designers in her family.  Already, she has collaborated with Gucci, F2D Clothing in the UK, as well as launching her own designs through the L.A. Clique collab and  I.L.A.M Ladies Collaboration. Check out more of Lil’ Debbie’s 90’s throwback style from New York Fashion Week at her Tumblr.

Lil’ Debbie will be kickin’ it live with Riff Raff and Kitty Pryde at the next Check Yo Ponytail 2 this coming Tuesday. So if you’re not already a fan of this new wave of hip-hop, I suggest you take another look and listen. This Tuesday, blunts will be smoked, the beats will kill, syrup will be drunk, so let’s get trill.

Tickets are available HERE.