September 1st, 2015

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Anyone with working eyes knows Atlanta-bred singer/songwriter Bosco is revered as much for her style as she is for her music. Yet in spite of the delicate, sensual flutter of her voice, her style is aggressive; a welcome sensory affront that demands your attention.

Let me break it down for you.

Hair game: Famous. It’s always changing, and between 16 and 300 steps ahead of trend. When I saw her at SXSW in 2015, she was strutting around with little bits of metal braided into her hair like a neo-goth Mad Max beauty queen. As she told me once, “My personality comes through my hair.” Makes sense.

Makeup: She’s somehow managed to reinvent the ’60s cat eye for the new millennia, which is kind of like saying you invented a new chemical formula for water.

Style: Inimitable. She’s able to effortlessly combine loud, distinctive pieces together and make them work practically for her busy lifestyle.

All this she brings to her incessantly physical live shows, where her aesthetic and music combine into a small force of nature. How she presents herself, how she sounds, and how she behaves confidently in her own skin is a thing of beauty … but not a beautiful thing that’s out of your reach.

Yes, minions. Bosco’s entire look is available for you to rob, guilt free, and she’s here to show you how to get it.

Watch and learn:

Check out Bosco’s new EP, Boy, out now on Fool’s Gold Records. Listen to it here, and look out for the music video for the single, also called “Boy,” coming your way September 10th.

Bosco will also be live-serenading audiences at Fool’s Gold Day off in these cities; go see her if you’re anywhere near them … it’s worth it. Believe me, I saw her once and I’m still pseudo-gyrating about it.

Fool’s Gold Day Off

Atlanta, September 5

New York, September 7

Miami, September 10

Tickets here.