January 24th, 2016


You know, it’s hard amongst the madness to find time to write blog posts, but I’m trying. I’d love to look back and be like “I lived that”. Here’s my latests attempt…

SO we made it through the first night of getting settled via DAY 1, but Friday was where the action really begun. After seeing my first (and only flick of the fest so far), it was time to finally visit my main reason for being here: BASE CAMP. Once I met up with the team and finally laid eyes on this massive activation it finally dawned on me how cool this was. Here, right in the middle of the madness, Sundance had cleared out a lot and built a huge music stage. You can’t miss it as it takes up half a block and towers over buildings with flashing lights pulsating out of it’s clear plastic walls. The potential is staggering and that they trusted us help curate it… So cool.


After I finally got a taste of what the week was going to hold it was time to meet up with a bunch of friends and have our first official Sundance hang. Everyone was getting into town and getting settled and we had to make our plans. Eight of us converged on a Sushi spot nestled in a mini-mall type place right off main. I had my first celeb sighting in the corner (Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones). It was a good start.

It was time to go home and take care of some work (blog posts) before heading back out for dinner, which was Jacob and I meeting up w Alan Neon Indian and our friend Emma to get amongst it. We headed back to Base Camp for the kick off musical performance, which was Yoshiki of X Japan playing on a grand piano and backed by a string quartet.


Epic barely does his set justice. It was the most calculated and entertaining show I’d seen in a while filled with emotional stories and music to match. The dude kicked off the set with the Star Spangled Banner and went into Tchaikovsky, ending with a ballad about his dead best friend and father while playing on a white baby grand and a video played above of him playing on a white baby grand… on a beach. Now that’s rock n’ roll!



I was booked to DJ a portion of the New Frontier 10 year anniversary party after that. The event was to take place in three locations at once, but I think Sundance only told people one of those. When I showed up at the venue it was full of about 20 people all playing with VR as my friend Benjamin Palmer casually played some moderate jams. It became clear quickly that maybe I shouldn’t play this and have some fun instead. I politely negotiated my way out of the event and off we went.



The rest of the night kind of blurred into one big experience. I know we saw Diplo play some cheesy Samsung party, hit up a party Chris Holmes was DJing which had a cameo from STING playing ‘Message in a Bottle’ that we totally missed but had free drinks, into crashing the WME house into finally ending up at some weird mansion full of taxidermy, video games and a Blues Brothers statue. The best part about that ending was the pool table, free weed and hearing Jacob fuck with every person he could get his hands on.




The posse was real at this point and deep. Even though this lasted well past 5am, somehow I knew (or even dreaded) that we were just getting started..