January 27th, 2016


I’m starting to hit the wall of exhaustion…

Saturday was a big day, but not my favorite. However, Saturday set up a bunch of seeds for the next couple of days to come. Unlike previous years, Saturday felt like the first real day of the festival. Time is such a mind fuck with so much happening at once it’s harder to tell events apart from each other, but basically Sat also got off to a really boring start: Meetings.

Client Meetings, Production Meetings and internal meetings. Meetings, meetings, meetings, all for good things, but nothing you’d wanna read about here. It was my first chance to feel less like a degenerate at the fest and more like a biz man. Mom would be proud.


Immediately after this, though, the fun continued beginning with the Funny or Die ‘Shoeless BBQ’, which was basically a BBQ inside because it’s too damn cold to pretend to have a normal one outside. In classic FoD style the party was wall to wall packed with an excellent group of people. Sarah Hooper (my partner in crime for the day) and I broke our drinking seal early because it’s just impossible to resist in these kinds of situations. Oh, I forgot to mention I got my photo with a snowman on the way there.


Funny or Die came to an end and we left to attend a dinner party we planned at a steak house just off the main drag of Sundance that ballooned to around 15 people. It was a meeting of the minds so to speak with a bunch of different people that I knew at the fest, most of which not really knowing each other, all sitting at one massive table being overlooked by a salad bar. The clock was ticking for me, however, with an event happening at Base Camp that night. Before receiving the food I ordered I had to bounce to make it the show on time leaving this new group of strangers alone at the table to fend for themselves!


I rushed out and made it through some of the most insane traffic to the second night of Base Camp, which was the first big IHC night there, a party based around the short film FUCKKKYOUUU with DJ sets by Neon Indian and Flying Lotus. This party was LIT the minute the doors opened. It was like the crowd was desperate for a raging good time and they got it. Neon Indian laid down a blistering all techno set followed by Flying Lotus turning the energy all the way up. The audience was sweaty and insane, full of energy and intense dancing, so much so, they they BROKE THE FLOOR. Like literally that shit broke. Killed it :)

IMG_9791 IMG_9793



Immediately following I had to rush across the street to DJ the premiere party for the documentary We Are X. It might have been the worst DJ gig Ive ever had. It started out with a photo with Yoshiki from the band, which was cool. Then I slowly walked into the depths of hell. My laptop decided to take a shitter. My apple upgrade fucked up my Serato program, of which I attempted 4 different versions before saying fuck it and going off an old USB drive. I was playing in one room and Paul Oakenfold was supposed to play in the other, but they decided 2 rooms wasn’t the right look so they cut my room and put me in the other to play after Paul, who scared the audience away entirely except for 5 super fan-dudes who stood in front of him cameras out for the whole time leaving me with just my most hard-core of friends left for whom I played a dirty hip hop set. It was the easy money I guess? The reality is not all Sundance parties are all that glamorous, but occasionally you get a good chuckle out of DJing with Paul Oakenfold (we forgot to get a photo).


IMG_0923 IMG_0931

After this it was time to call it a night with another post party gathering at our house. This one was more mellow. Myself, Jacob Cooper, Neon Indian and two Sundance employees chit chatting until 5am about all things DIY punk rock and enough dirty jokes I’d likely get banned from the internet. It was nice to finally feel like the festival was in full steam and a great precursor to my favorite night of the festival so far… SUNDAY!