February 2nd, 2016


OK, so Sunday was my favorite day at the festival. It’s not to say that the others were rough, because there are some damn shining highlights all the way through to the end, but there was something about Sunday that made it feel special. I want to say it was the most complete or most rounded. It got everything right.

The day started with a private mixer that IHC hosted with our buddies at The Great Company and Pepsi. This was definitely the most business minded event IHC had ever done and it felt good to be a little respectable amongst the madness. If anything, Sundance has really given us the opportunity to present ourselves in a more professional light and I’m definitely trying to take advantage of that.

IMG_9811 IMG_9814

The mixer was themed around how brands can help push storytelling in the future. We got a room full of brand and agency people, filmmakers and a few musicians, fed them all top notch food and got them drunk to see what happens. Well, turns out everyone gets along. Great conversations were had and I enjoyed immensely the atmosphere of our host restaurant, High West. Damn good whiskey.




Post mixer it was back home for some blog writing and to pick up the just arrived Miya Folick before heading back out to a little party hosted by our friend Rose McGowan. It was an event celebrating Women in Film if I remember correctly. The party was fun enough. Jacob, Miya and I roamed around taking advantage of the free drinks and making fun of the poorest dressed DJ we’d ever seen.



Once Rose’s party ended we put together the ultimate party posse for the rest of the night while around a table of sushi. About 8 of us gathered, drank sake and made our plans. I’d just gotten booked last minute on the Midnight section party that night and we had one stop to go to before: YouTube.


Now, you’d hope YouTube would know how to throw a party, but no, it kinda sucked. The party was packed enough and drinks were free, but the music was lazy and there was no energy in the crowd. It was boring enough that we had time to take dumb selfies. See, you know the best parties when there is no evidence. You’re having too much fun to take the time and that’s what happened to the rest of the night. The pics mainly end here, but the story does not.

image3 image4




By 11pm I had to be on the decks of the Midnight Section / Shudder (new AMC horror channel) party. It was taking place next door at Sundance TV HQ. I was very excited to play this party because they had me playing the whole night and said “Just play the Cure and shit like that…” Perfect.

I somehow wrangled all of my friends in and then went to town for the first half playing deep cuts from Ministry, The Misfits and Nine Inch Nails. Some band broke the night up, I forget what they were called, but they had a female singer with this incredible low growl. After them I took the party up a notch making it the ultimate alternative 80’s dance party. People were dancing so hard some goth kid took his shirt off and made a fool of himself. The bartenders kept jumping on the mic. It was a mess in the best possible way. Jacob and I even drunkenly almost got into a fight with a security guard. It was sick.



After the party was the House party, some random address we got that ended up being the best time. Wall to wall packed it was the perfect place for the night to build up to. Sunday is the beginning of the end in terms of Sundance first weekend. The next day several of our crew were leaving town, so this turned into one big final hurrah before the actual final hurrah. We danced, we drank, we make friends with a white New Zealander with dreads.

And finally, as was a first weekend must, we ended up back at the house, this time with more friends in tow than ever. Not a ton, but like a solid crew of  8 hanging and drinking until our missing fourth roommate, Sarah, busted in. It was her birthday and she’d brought a couple more friends to celebrate! This went on for hours. I finally felt the heat around 6am and passed out… Monday was a whole other day.