February 3rd, 2016


Monday is the beginning of the end at Sundance. It’s the final nail in the coffin for first weekend, which means all your friends that came to Sundance just to party are leaving in the morning if they haven’t left already. This also means all the big sponsor activations, TAO night club, Paris Hilton, whatever random shit that actually has nothing to with the festival, all of it packs up and leaves. In a way, I did the same.

Although we had rented our original party house for all 10 days of the festival, I actually wasn’t staying in it the whole time. I’d worked out a deal with Sundance to get a second house so we could use our original, ‘excellent find’ home, as an artist crash pad since housing was so hard to come by for all the artists we booked at Base Camp. Monday morning after all of my original group of friends had bounced, Jacob and I moved out and into the Marriott aka Sundance HQ for the night as we waited to move into home #2.

Immediately after checking in I had to run to a production meeting at Base Camp for the IHEARTCOMIX show that night with Daddy and Dan Deacon. Remember how the floor broke during Flying Lotus?? They definitely did not want that to happen again, so a lot of preparation had to happen, including installing a dance floor.

After that I got a all too rare and much coveted one-on-one meeting with my favorite PR agent in the world, Inge. We talked shop and made some excellent strategic plans for the future. So many big changes over this past year and more moving forward. She’s helping me navigate the choppy waters.

Anyways, after some brief chillin in the hotel Jacob and I decided to FINALLY see another movie (it had been Days!!!). Jacob actually wasn’t supposed to be around anymore, but his flight got delayed and he had to stay an extra night. We went to see GREEN ROOM. It was AWESOME. One of my favorite movies of the festival. Punks vs. Skinheads with Patrick Stewart as the evil leader of the skins and Imogen Poots as skin who decides to go good and looks great doing it. The movie was frightening, brutal and one of the most true-to-form of punk culture I’d ever seen on screen.



Following the movie we had to rush over to Base Camp for the next night of programming. This one was called ‘Cinema Diaconte’ and was presented by IHC. The night kicked off with a half DJ set, half live set by Daddy, the new project of James Franco and Tim O’Keefe and featuring Andy Rourke, but only James couldn’t make it and Andy got snowed in because of the big blizzard, so it was just Tim. Tim did an admirable job of keeping the show alive, though, while also debuting the short film that inspired the music.

IMG_9847 IMG_9849 IMG_9850

Next up was Dan Deacon! I’d been tasked with going on stage and introducing all the acts all weekend and Dan’s intro was extra special. We brainstormed backstage before the show a whole list of ridiculous descriptions for Dan and I got up and said every single one of them, all to the bewilderment of the crowd. Then Dan played a full song from the ‘Little Mermaid’ soundtrack and THEN he played. Lol.


The build up was worth it with it being a Dan Deacon show for the ages. Taking full advantage of the newly installed dance floor and very spacious Base Camp architecture, Dan controlled and contorted the Sundance crowd to his will creating spontaneous dance explosions and synchronized mass movements. Both Jacob and I were called on more than once to participate and lead the audience, one of the burdens of being Dan’s friend (I kid, it’s fun). It was wild and impressive and so cool to see that kind of energy at Sundance.

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After the show I split ways with the group. I met up with my friend Darrin to go to the Antibirth pre-party and midnight screening. We were sharing an event with them in a couple days and wanted to check it out. The rest of the group went to a party down the street and then to a house party, which we were intending to meet at. Everyone pooped out though so that didn’t happen.


I DID see Antibirth however and it was raunchy, dark and disturbing in a ‘Slacker’ kind of way, just as any movie named Antibirth should be. You could tell the film was a work of passion and I immediately felt a kinship with the writer and director, Danny Perez. After the film I finally tracked him down and said hello. We’d only spoke over email, so this was exciting, the plan felt real. Thursday’s night party was gonna be a real kicker….