January 23rd, 2016


OK, it’s Sundance time!

For the 6th time I’m making the trek out to Park City, Utah to partake in the Sundance Film Festival on behalf of IHEARTCOMIX, only this time something is different: IHC is working WITH Sundance. Some of you may or may not know, but the last couple years we’ve played a large role in the music that takes place at their LA festival, NEXT. Well, this year they tapped us to curate the music at a new outdoor stage in Park City called Base Camp!

We booked a lot of cool artists including Flying Lotus, Neon Indian, Ho99o9, Dan Deacon, Miya Folick, Daddy and much more. This means IHC is gonna be at Sundance the duration, 10 days, and with intimate access not just to our role but several of the goings on. It only made sense that while I’m here that I’d keep track of everything. So, here we are, Sundance Diary Day 1.


The thing is, Day 1 isn’t THAT exciting. Mainly we traveled by plane to Provo, rented a car and made our way to Park City. We are staying at a house with a few buddies that has a hot tub and is surrounded by ducks and cross country skiers. When we arrived at the house, our host was so completely drunk that we got the extended tour and a few extra smells then I think we bargained for, but the dude was nice. We hit the store, got some food, loaded up on booze, made steaks and then headed out to the aptly named DAY 1 party, Sundance’s big kick off shindig.


The DAY 1 party is something I’m familiar with since I’d DJ’d it the last 2 years. However, since I was booked to DJ other stuff this year and focused on Base Camp, the Zac Cowie and Elijah Wood duo of Wooden Wisdom took over the duties and did a pretty good job (but they didn’t play the Michael Jackson song from the Free Willy soundtrack like I did…). This party was CROWDED to a point of almost not being fun, but a great place for the buddies to┬ámeet up leading to inevitable after hours back at the pad getting drunk and playing Taboo until 4am…


I had to wake up at 7am to go see my first movie of the festival Belgica. This Danish movie is about two brothers who open up a rock venue and all the joy and darkness that goes into that life style. It hit very close to home since it’s a perspective Ive lived myself several times over and I’ve never seen a movie come close to capturing it anywhere near┬áthis one did. It was raw, dirty and fun, but best of all the soundtrack was by SOULWAX!!!



After that it was time to finally see Base Camp…


…Continued tomorrow!!