September 4th, 2013

We constantly find great artists emerge from meager beginnings and are motivated by the music that shapes their sound. Approaching 40, Irish electronic DJ Marcus Lambkin, aka Shit Robot, grew up in the ‘dodgy neighborhood’ of Ballybrack on the outskirts of Dublin. It wasn’t until he was introduced to acid house by some mates from London did he see a glimmer of hope through the dreary gloom of Dublin’s crime and drug frenzy. In 1992, Heeding the advice of two hippy uncles and a seeing the decline of the Dublin music scene he headed for New York. Playing venues like the legendary CBGB’s and Nation led to Lambkins breakthrough, as he began performing at club nights around the East Village. His  club night, Plant, had grown out of Plant Music, a label that Marcus founded with a fellow Irish ex-pat, Dominique Keegan. Famously, Plant would go on to share a building with the fledging DFA Records, but, by that time, Marcus and James Murphy were already close sonic soulmates. shit-robot

Lambkin and Murphy decided to build out the first DFA studio below the Lower East Side offices and would introduce each other to a world of new electronic music during the construction. On Fridays, Murphy and Marcus would DJ all sorts of eclectic madness: Krautrock, early house and techno, electro and electroclash, punk rock, proto-electronics and vintage synth-pop, under the name, Shit Robot. Now, a decade later Shit Robot has evolved to but to the beat of his own drum. His album From the Cradle to the Rave was a defining album and the single Take Em’ Up featuring Nancy Whang was an instant classic. His latest release We Got A Love is a 12″ split single with Juan Maclean that is available for a limited 500 copies.

In describing Shit Robot, Lambkin has stated, “I like to make retarded dance music for people to get drunk and dance to,” says Marcus, of the contradiction at the heart of Shit Robot. “But, at the same time, I’m a typical grumpy Irish fucker. I’m not going to have an album about skipping through the daisies.” Watch his latest music video for Feels Real via Pitchfork and be consumed by the funky beats of Shit Robot.

We are are overjoyed to bring Shit Robot to Check Yo Ponytail 2 on September 16th for a very special DJ Set along with AVAN LAVA, fellow DFA artist Larry Gus, and Goddollars at the Echoplex. This is showcase of incredible talent that can’t be missed. Escape with this Irish legend and catch him in action only at CYP2!

Tickets available HERE.