fbpx Teen Daze Dazzles with New EP "A World Away!"
January 13th, 2015


The short days and long nights of Abbotsford, BC, Canada have dampened the musical endeavors of electronic ambient producer Teen Daze. Today he’s released his new EP A World Away featuring six original tracks that share the same appreciation of ambiance but now are infused with some fresh new beats that lean toward more experimental electronic. Currently on tour in Scandinavia, Teen Daze notes, “My main goal with this release was to create something that lived somewhere between the new age and ambient music I was entrenched in, with more straight-ahead electronic music. I’ve always loved the idea of creating music that I could hear at a club, but also fall asleep to.” This transition is most prevalent in his songs Another Night and Than but can also be felt in one of the EP’s standout singles Reykjavik, January 2015.  Headed to Helsinki, Teen Daze continues to spread his universal aural tones to the far reaches of the earth and if you’re eager to follow along just add him to your instagram for amazing travel photos and be sure to pick up his new EP A World Away below!

Download A World Away.