fbpx Ten Years later Jon Heder still has all the skills of "Napolean Dynamite!"
August 4th, 2014

As a preface to the screening of Napolean Dynamite at Cinespia this week, Jon Heder discusses his infamous role and the timelessness of the cult classic film in this exclusive with Sundance. It will be the first film to kick off Sundance’s NEXT FEST running Thursday through Sunday this week. In this intimate interview, Heder discusses his collaboration with writer Jared Hess and how his college dance moves became the climax of Napolean Dynamite.


Heder has given us a bronze statue, endless quotes, and a classic role that will stand the test of time. His curiosity for the audiences reaction ten years later will be answered this Thursday at Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Pick up your tickets for the screening and check out the rest of the NEXT FEST Lineup to see more incredible films plus musical performances all weekend long.