The Highest Paid DJs Made Over a Quarter-Billion Dollars Last Year

August 25th, 2015

The Highest Paid DJs Made Over a Quarter-Billion Dollars Last Year

Highest Paid DJ's in the world

Ah, there’s nothing we love better than a little income-shaming in the morning. I mean, who doesn’t love the sinking realization that a few men who professionally fiddle MacBook buttons out-earn you by an order of 1,208 while you and your carpal work your assess of with no rave hoes to show for it?

Well lucky for masochists like you and I, Forbes’ just released its annual “Electronic Cash Kings of 2015” list, a little gift to human suffering which ranks the highest-paid EDM’s DJs today.

Topping the list is Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, who raked in $66 million dollars last year alone. This is extremely impressive/terrifying considering that David Guetta, who is next in line for richest DJ, made nearly half of that in 2014. In fact, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and Taylor Swift are now so rich and powerful, that they’ve overtaken Beyonce and Jay-Z for the nation’s top-earning celebrity couple.

But Beyonce had the best music video of all time! Of all time!

Speaking of, there are unfortunately no females on the list this year. Where are all the females? PAY THE FEMALES MORE … I’m specifically talking about me.

Anyway, here is Forbes’ complete list of the 10 richest DJs … don’t hate me for showing you this, I’m just the messenger.

1. Calvin Harris – $66 million
2. David Guetta – $37 million
3. Tiësto – $36 million
4t. Skrillex – $24 million
4t. Steve Aoki – $24 million
5. Avicii – $19 million
6. Kaskade – $18 million
7. Martin Garrix – $17 million
8. Zedd – $17 million
9. Afrojack – $16 million
10t. Deadmau5 – $15 million
10t. Diplo – $15 million

Outside this hallowed list full of sprightly, tank-top wearing men, there were plenty of electronic artists that made a killing last year that Forbes neglected to include, probably because they were too busy pooping into baskets made of $100 bills. These include, but are not limited to: Armin Van Buren, Hardwell, Alesso, Nervo, DJ Snake, Krewella, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello.

Gold star for you too, guys. We can’t all be Calvin Harrises … Harrisi? IDK.

Well, we’re guessing nobody on Forbes’ list has to deal with Boost Mobile payments … Speaking of, please stop texting us Diplo, our data limit is almost full.

And, if you want to see the eighth highest-paid DJ live and in person and bask in his monetary glory, come see Zedd on September 18th! Info below: