August 28th, 2012

Maybe you’ve been sharing the same thoughts as me lately: Why does everyone have Green-Blue hair??

I feel like it’s gotten to a point that whether I’m at the punk show or at the mall, everyone has signed on to become a #Seapunk.  What was something I initially took as a cute initiative started up by ZOMBELLE and ULTRADEMON has blossomed into a full on movement.  Even celebs have jumped on the bandwagon, whether or not they know it or not. So it begs the question, what does it all mean???

There must be some kind of underlying conspiracy or some sort of master vision that is beyond normal comprehension.  Think about it, how much money did they spend marketing the Kevin Costner flick ‘Waterworld’ and did it have anywhere near the impact these two punks are? NO.

To solve this mystery I went straight to the source, ZOMBELLE herself. Finally the answers are revealed!


MYSTERY: What are the secret origins of Sea-Punk?

ZOMBELLE: #SEAPUNK has been public since it’s inception, summer 2011- there are no secrets. I had just finished recording my album TROPICULT and there was a hive mind happening within my network and when a friend had a dream about a punk on the beach in a leather jacket with barnacles where the studs used to be and tweeted the conjunction #SEAPUNK it made perfect sense.

BONUS QUESTION: Green-blue hair is popping up everywhere right now. Do these stray followers fall into the movement or is there a deeper level that gets people entry?

ZOMBELLE: Blue-green hair isn’t necessary, contrary to popular belief. More than anything my fans associate my blue hair with #SEAPUNK and as being iconic so they dive in and go blue. Blue also happens to be my favorite color and is a beautiful choice for hair color! My hair was blue before the hashtag, so was (#SEAPUNK co-creator) Albert Redwine/ULTRADEMON. Together we run CORAL RECORDS INTERNAZIONALE and MAINFRAME (clothing line) both of which are associated with the #SEAPUNK aesthetic.

Because we’ve received so much press brought on by this movement (#SEAPUNK’s not a genre it’s a movement/lifestyle/feeling) it’s spread like crazy and now you have people like Azaelia Banks and Katy Perry giving us shout outs and doing their best to ‘get it’.

And there you have it.  MYSTERY SOLVED!

Now let’s check out a couple jamz and download some free music!