Everything You Missed This Week in Music

June 14th, 2015

Everything You Missed This Week in Music


In music land, way too much stuff happens every week to keep up.  But, you’ve gotta stay informed to maintain your impeccable cred, so we made you this handy dandy list featuring this week’s most important news and everything important that’s happening next week.

Quick and painless, because you’ve got Instagrams to stalk and a $3,000 per month studio apartments to decorate with post-ironic air plants.

This week, this happened:

Widely considered to be one of the preeminent trailblazers in both composition and arrangement, jazz legend and innovator Ornette Coleman passed away Thursday at 85 :(

Another icon who tragically passed was Christopher Lee, who at 93 had become one of Hollywood’s most prominent actors, having stared as Count Dooku in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Producer/all-around-fun-guy-I-want-to-marry Ryan Hemsworth released his Ryan Pack Vol.2 mixtape that sorta blew everyone’s mind. Make sure to catch him 06/27 w/ Tommy Kruise and Franki Chan at Lot 613.

ryan hemsworth just rap tour square

Los Angeles-based noise outfit HEALTH release anthemic single “Stonefist” via Loma Vista.

Swedish hardcore/post-hardcore/art punk act Refused dropped “Dawkin’s Christ“, the third single from their upcoming record Freedom (out 06/30 on Epitaph).

Swedish singer Elliphant reminded us all of how bat-shit crazy she is. She dropped a series of interview highlights in the video mix, Shit Elliphant Says, where she hysterically expounds on everything from her shows to the complicated virtues of having a finger up your ass.

Lastly, on the heels of an impressive Sundance premiere, hyper-stylized super rad Kung-Fu action short Kung Fury was released on YouTube – and people f*cking love it.

And here’s what’s coming up next week:

EDM powerhouse and LuckyMe founder, Hudson Mohawke‘s sophomore album, Lantern, is set to drop 06/16 on Warp.

Kanye West, yep … Kanye West, might be releasing new music (via Complex).

Last week, New Jersey horror rap/punk group Ho9909 dropped their brutal sophomore e.p. Horrors of 1999 via Family, which ended up being even heavier than we expected. They also got kicked off the Warped Tour line up, but that’s okay because Warped Tour is just a playpen for teenagers and their tolerant single mothers who don’t even want to grab a beer later because they’ve got work early in the morning. They’re playing 06/18 at The Mystery Box w/ No Parents & Dem Ham Boyz, which, if you have any self-respect, you aren’t gonna miss.

Ho99o9 EP relase party at mystery box

Finger-drumming phenomenon turned super-producer Araabmuzik is set to release his second formal record, Dream World 06/16  on his own Araabmuzik Label. Check out the video for the album’s lead single, “Day Dreams” below.

Canadian shoegaze outfit No Joy dropped their third release More Faithful on Mexican Summer to critical acclaim on 06/09. Make sure to come out and see them 06/16 at Los Globos w/ support from Cold Showers & Roses.

No Joy, Cold Showers, Roses at Los Globos

No Joy, Cold Showers, Roses at Los Globos