December 10th, 2014


Yesterday, Los Angeles locals Jeremy and Gregory Pearson, aka Thrillers, released a new video for their single Can’t Get Enough that confirms my longtime suspicion that these brothers are a time traveling duo sent from the 80s to remind us what we’re missing. A sexy lady clad in a long butt onesie silhouetted by light and smoke seems to be the target of duo’s affection in this retro video. Nostalgic references abound as VHS tracking lines scroll the screen, and the subtle homage to John Hughes’s Weird Science can’t be denied. The brothers provide the perfect crossover between contemporary and classic, sporting leather coats and cool vibes. The single can be heard on their forthcoming debut EP Cotton Candy Kisses out in Spring of 2015 on Manimal Vinyl so be sure to keep an eye out for the EP and watch the video below to enter an 80’s time warp!