fbpx THRILLERS' New EP 'Cotton Candy Kisses' Is a Retro Ode to the Fairer Sex – IHEARTCOMIX
June 29th, 2015


#ThrowbackThursday, #FlashbackFriday, #TimeWarpTuesday … take your pick of the hashtags you constantly abuse on Instagram because LA-based funktronica duo THRILLERS just gave you six very good reasons to embrace your nostalgic side with their debut EP Cotton Candy Kisses.

The new EP is a six song long time travel though musical decades; there’s a healthy dose of ’80s new wave, ’70s disco and ’90s  R&B and pop in there, and yet their sound still stays permanently planted in the present. “Can’t Get Enough,” is arguably the poppiest and most danceable track from the brother-duo, while “Desire” and “Body High” are fun, imminently license-able fusions of the past and the now. But no matter what blast from the past THRILLERS incorporates into each song, one thing’s for certain: this EP is about the fairer sex.

Cotton Candy Kisses is an ode to love. We picture girls getting dressed in the mirror, dancing in leotards while listening to our EP,” THRILLERS tells me.

Major swoon.  I hope that elicits from you a ton of images of women fluttering around in bikinis by a pool and absently playing around with beach balls behind flowery, bright pastel aesthetics, ’cause … this EP is definitely a funky, feel-good  soundscape for barely-dressed members of the XX genotype. And if you find yourself having male genitalia and still responding with equal enthusiasm to Cotton Candy Kisses’ undeniable grove … I really can’t blame you.

Synths, grooves, and funky beats abound. So what are you waiting for? Snap ya fingers, do ya step, and listen to Cotton Candy Kisses below.

The whole EP is also out on Spotify now, so it’s infinitely playlist-able. Check it out here.