fbpx Thump & IHEARTCOMIX present: Deep Thots #4 w/ Nadastrom, Bird Peterson, and $U$PECT – IHEARTCOMIX
August 21st, 2013

For the past few weeks, IHEARTCOMIX has partnered up with Vice’s electronic music network, THUMP, to bring you a new kind of late night talk show called, Deep Thots. This week on the show, Brittney and Lil Lucifer are joined by Teen Riot Records co-founder, Bird Peterson, who discusses the finer points of wizardry and gives us his best James Hetfield impression. Later, Moombahton Godfathers, Nadastrom, join us in the cabana to for an extended soundcheck where they discuss Dave Nada’s VHS collection, Matt Nordstrom’s cat, and hint at their upcoming debut LP. Finally, our dude, $U$PECT, talks about his Morrissey tattoos before getting interrupted by a bachlorette party.

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Stay tuned next week, when we invite A-Trak, Paper Diamond, and Franki Chan to join us on the couch. Make sure to check out the first few episodes of Deep Thots on IHC TV.

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