March 31st, 2016

Whether you’re into discovering new music, psychoanalyzing your favorite songs to the most minute detail or listening to some aged punk guy talk to hot chicks from your favorite band, music podcasts feed the need.

Here are five of them that any ride-or-die music nerd will love to smithereens.

1. Song Exploder

If you’ve ever heard a song and thought, “I need to know exactly 3,943 things about this song,” Song Exploder will help you with that.

This podcast  invites musicians to dissect their songs piece-by-piece, in detail, and tell the story of how they were created. It’s actually weirdly motivating to hear artists go into so much depth about their work. Knowing how they turned inspiration into an actual expressive product, what gear they used, and the stories behind those processes kind of makes you feel better equipped take on your own stuff. And even if you don’t make music yourself, the depth that Song Exploder goes in exploring artist’s work gives them a chance to talk about things

Plus, with guests like Anamanaguchi, Kelela, Bjork, Warpaint and HEALTH, they’ve pretty much got a clairvoyant channel into our iTunes.

Endearing memory: Listening to Bjork explain 3,943 things about “Stonemilker.”

2. No Effects Show

No Effects is Jesse Cohen of Tanlines‘ podcast where he speaks one-on-one with musicians, actors and writers like Ezra Koenig, The Range, DJDS, Abbi Jacobson, Juiceboxxx, Autre Nu Vert and more.

The podcast is a result of his years of fielding questions from music journalists. “I do a lot of terrible interviews as a person in a band,” he said Cohen. “I also listen to a lot of podcasts [like Savage Lovecast, The Read and Bodega Boys] and I thought there was an opening. I felt like there should be a show like this — I would want to be a guest on this show.” A great interview is about the connection between the host and guest, something that Cohen says can “often take 20 minutes.”

His understanding of music and the entertainment business is a big help in taking the conversations into unexpected places, and it’s clear this makes his guests really relaxed around him. He’s one of them; an insider. “I’m not trying to get juicy quotes,” he said. Instead, Cohen wants his guests “to talk about stuff that they like to talk about.” His approach creates a v. chill, intellectual environment that somehow entirely avoids stuffiness. Instead,  you learn about the guest and their work in a quiet, personal way that feels intimate, artist-to-artist.

Endearing memory: Listening to Jessie talk to Neon Indian about sensory deprivation.

4. Morning Becomes Eclectic

Morning Becomes Ecletic is a radio show on KCRW that features both emerging and established artists, underappreciated gems. However, because there is a God or something, they’ve got a podcast form of it as well we subsist off of it because the radio version’s only on between the insanely inaccessible hours of 9-12 a.m., when we’re not even awake let alone glued to the radio.

The podcast follows the same format as the radio show; blocks of songs interrupted by DJ Jason Bently giving information about an artist, upcoming show, or conducting an interview, but the mostly playlist-esque aspect of it is infinitely welcoming and Shazam-able.  MBE is definitely where we go to do a significant portion of our musical discovery … any time we need new music, we physically affix ourselves to this podcast and suck out its life force.

Endearing memory: Kurt Vile‘s “Best B’lieve I’m Goin’ Down” live set on the show, which we can’t embed because of technological dumbness, but click the link and you’ll be there.

5. Turned Out a Punk

Damian Abraham is many things; a musician, a failed VJ, a Vice host, but most relevantly for you, a total punk nerd.

Each week on Turned Out a Punk, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of punk, a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978. It’s the best.

Endearing memory: His interview with White Lung‘s Mish Way.

5.  … And a whole bunch of un-rankable mix podcasts

Look, you can’t make us rate the innumerate amount of mix podcasts we listen to. You just can’t.

So, we’re just going to do the reasonable thing and group four of our favorites together for this last one; the FADER Mix, Diplo & Friends, the Resident Advisor Podcast, and XLR8R.

They all do the same kinda-sorta thing: feature a huge range of talented DJs and producers who share sets that cover an immense spectrum of what dance music has to offer. Each one is like being at your own personal warehouse party but there’s no kandi and your mom just made pizza rolls.

Endearing memories: