fbpx Towkio's new track 'Reflection,' makes me introspective but also doesn't kill my vibe, so, I'm fine guys – IHEARTCOMIX
April 25th, 2015


Chicago hip-hop artist/ guy-I-keep-accidentally-partying with Towkio just dropped a new song called “Reflection” and it’s reminding me what a terrible person I am.

“Cocaine on the mirror. See yourself, look at you. Look at you!” he raps in the song and like … no, dude. I don’t fuck with that kind of existentialist self-examination unless I’m in a Peruvian yurt on an ayahausca journey led by a shaman wearing human bones as bling.

But apart from the songs suggestion that you get introspective on the coco, it’s pretty catchy.

The production on “Reflection” is sleek and gorgeous and solidifies how slowly-building drums and synth can rope you in. Of course, that’s kind a given when you collaborate with Kaytranada … which he did. I forgot to say that, but I’m saying it now.  The beat and feel of the song is relaxed and not making me want to lift a car over my head and roar, but it doesn’t exactly render me sad and immobile. It’s kind of the perfect intersection between banger and thing you ugly-cry to.

“Reflection” is straight off of Towkio’s upcoming mixtape, .WAV Theory, which is due April 28th. Sick computer file pun, bro!


Towkio has been on a reign of awesomeness as of late, and recently impressed us with his tracks “Heaven Only Knows” alongside Chance & Lido and “Involved” with Kaytranada and Vic Mensa. Check them out, and look out for .WAV Theory next week!

Do not, however, look out for your own reflection in a mirror that’s covered in un-inhaled cocaine unless you’re looking for a brutal confrontation with your own confusing reality. That’s the shit I avoid. Unless, like I said, you’re shamanic. Hit me up.