August 10th, 2016

It’s weird to think that we’re more than halfway through 2016. I’m really hoping we can coin this year as, “2016: Year of the Memes.” Let’s be honest, there have been some quality memes that have come out this year. We’ve had a meme for just about every political candidate, there was Spongegar, Arthur/D.W., and the big man himself, Harambe. How can we possibly expect to top this in 2017? Regardless, the music has been top notch too, and today we have some tracks to share with you.

Holly x LIL Texas – Harambe

Probably my favorite meme of the year has duly been turned into one killer future bass track. LIL Texas and Holly teamed up to make what I can only describe as a grimey future trap beat. About halfway through, we get a little bit of a breakbeat pattern that hypes up the track before dropping back into the track’s original groove. The sound design throughout it all has my head spinning; absolutely insane. The added Harambe samples are the perfect touch. Without a doubt, I would say this is the official tribute song for Harambe.

Jacques Greene – You Can’t Deny

The man, the myth, the legend; Jacques Greene. This Montreal producer is like the sleeper cell agent of the dance music scene. Operating at odd hours, hiding away making music that is uniquely his own; a sound that you can immediately identify. I’m not a producer myself, but I’ve always admired the production quality of his work, and “You Can’t Deny” showcases just that. It’s a good listen, and I’ve been regularly listening to this while on my commute. If you’re not familiar with his work, I would also recommend checking out Jacques Greene’s remix of Vault’s, “Premonitions.”

Dirty Audio – Clipped

As we slowly creep out of summer and into autumn, this is an artist to keep on your radar for the future months to come. Dirty Audio has been making some back to back bangers. “Clipped” is his latest creation, but if you’ve been following him for a bit, you probably remember his killer remix of Bro Safari’s “Snap,” and his tag team work with Rickyxsan on “Gettin’ That.” This latest release on Good Enuff (Mad Decent’s sub label) was an immediate favorite, and I can’t wait to hear more from this artist.

James Blake x Bon Iver x Anohni – I Need A Drone Bomb (Golden Vessel Remix)

We’ve been pretty heavy on SoundCloud tracks today, but this song was reposted on my home page and I couldn’t pass it up. Golden Vessel took this remix to an all new level. This laid back remix is also a mashup containing the chorus from James Blake/Bon Iver’s track “I Need A Forest Fire,” combined with the chilling vocals from Anohni’s “Drone Bomb Me.” Together, Golden Vessel creates this kind of melancholic track that leaves you lying in your bed at two o’clock in the morning just thinking about life and why Harambe had to go so soon.

Skream – You Know, Right?

A few days ago, Skream released a garage track that had me bouncing in my chair. I think for most listeners in the United States, Skream made it big here after his remix of La Roux’s “In For The Kill.” But some of his most notable work began in the UK when first collaborating with Benga, and later, his involvement as 1/3 of Magnetic Man. Fast forward to the present, and Skream’s work has constantly been evolving. I’m convinced this guy can literally make a tune for any genre. Skream is a man of versatile talents and he makes what he wants to hear. Maybe it’s a part of that South London, Croydon “we do what we want” attitude. I don’t really know. But what I do know for certain, I am definitely craving some more garage tracks like this one; big ups. (Here’s a little throwback to that one time Skream played an IHC party).