fbpx Tracks of the Week: Daylight Savings – IHEARTCOMIX
August 17th, 2016

It’s almost that time of the year when the days are starting to get shorter again, and I’m already not looking forward to the time change.  Honestly, I think at this point, California is one of the last few states that still is a part of Daylight Savings. In any case, it just means we are one month closer to October; which makes us only that much closer to Halloween. And who doesn’t like Halloween? Would it be disrespectful to be Harambe for Halloween? Please respond.

DUCKY – Open Yourself Up And Let Her Pour Out

Our first song for Tracks of the Week comes from Los Angeles native and IHC’s bestest friend DUCKY who just released her EP Don’t Give Up Yet on Secret Songs. Unlike a lot of her previous releases on RAVE TOOLZ, NON STOP POP, and Club Aerobics, this four song compilation gives the listener a glimpse into the more tranquil side of DUCKY’s world. “Open Yourself Up and Let Her Pour Out” serves as an essential post-rave soundtrack, perfect for any drive home after a long night at the function. I remember after I just starting here at IHC, I had gone to JACK LA to help out at the event. Without a doubt, I will never forget the positive vibe and energy of the crowd during DUCKY’s set. The whole crowd was living in the moment, and everyone sang, danced and jumped along. For someone relatively new to LA, this song reminds me that there are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet.

BASTION – Another Universe (feat. Katelyn Tarver) [Suken Remix]

Gosh, I don’t even know where to start for this song. I would recommend listening to the whole album from BASTION as all the originals and remixes are equally fantastic. This remix of “Another Universe” from Suken sounds like something straight off an Ed Banger record. Since high school, I’ve always had a soft spot for French Electro. Growing up, my iPod was filled with songs from Cassius, Mr. Oizo, SebastiAn, Yelle, a little bit of Yuksek, can’t forget Kavinsky, early David Guetta, and my favorites, Toxic Avenger, Pedro, and Breakbot. If I could live in France, that’d be a dream come true. For the music, and for the food; but primarily for the music. Upon listening to this song for the first time on SoundCloud, I was filled with a sense of influence from Justice, and it immediately warmed my heart. Suken has some incredible talent, and I’m always looking forward to hearing more from him. Check out his new EP on SoundCloud.

Pyura – Water Balloons

If I knew more Spanish, I would be able to tell you a lot more about this group. Unfortunately, all that remains of my Spanish speaking skills is what I retained from elementary school; which exclusively grants me the ability to find the nearest restroom. Regardless, this South American band from Buenos Aires, Argentina has teased the internet with a beautiful electro-pop track. The band includes Santiago Mealla, Juan Cruz Marino, and Tomás Seivane. The vocals from Barbara Williams sit so nicely in the mix, I can only hope that this song is a teaser for an upcoming EP. If you’re like me and you liked the song so much the first time that you want to hear it again for a second time, be sure to check out this live session video they made for “Water Balloons.”

Inner Oceans – Wild

Inner Oceans is a dream pop band from Denver, Colorado. I first came across their song “8 Cousins” on Bandcamp; a crunchy, shoegaze track with a pulsing riff, a climatic build, and wispy vocals. Upon first listening to their new song “Wild,” it kind of caught me off guard as the band has taken an interesting change in direction. But keeping to their style, they have produced an exciting synth-pop/electro-pop track retaining every bit of their dreamy vocals and crunchy synths that can be found in their previous work. I am thoroughly enjoying this track on my morning commute and I have my fingers crossed that this song is a teaser to a forthcoming EP release.

Sunflower Bean – I Was Home

You may recognize this band’s name on IHC as they’ve previously been our Crush of the Week. After their performance at this weekend’s Sundance Next Fest, we were completely enamored once again and felt compelled to add an additional song to Tracks of the Week. Taking the stage at Next Fest, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the acoustics sounded in the Ace Theater when they started their set with the title track “Human Ceremony.” Overall though, my personal favorite song from their latest album would have to be “I Was Home.” I’ve been enjoying listening to Sunflower Bean due to their uncanny ability to really captivate an attitude throughout the course of a song. The band is always conveying some type of emotion, not just through their lyrics, but through their instruments. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, I saw it with my own eyes.

Giraffage – Bring Me Your Love (feat. THEA)

Our last addition to Tracks of the Week is fresh off the press. At the time of typing this very sentence, the track was released 15 hours ago; that is at least, according to SoundCloud. This pristine future bass track from Giraffage is full of smooth textures, and it’s furthermore complimented by the airy, soft vocals of THEA. The percussion of the song is clean and warm, and the harmonious sounds of synths and nature stream together in unison. There’s a flute sample that changes pitch periodically throughout the song that really gives it an added touch. Keep your heads up as Giraffage just announced that he will be going on tour, starting in September and rolling all the way through until December. Be sure to check the dates, and maybe you can catch him in your area.