Tracks of the Week: Nobody Wants to Party With Me

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Youth Code performs at the Empire Control Room during SXSW 2014.(Youth Code at our SXSW party in 2014)

THIS WEEK ON TRACKS: Drama! Deceit! Depravity! Drake! A guy who wants a girl to come to his house but she only wants him to come to hers!

Things get juicy with Pumarosa’s new sex soundtrack, Antwon and Wiki bless themselves, and not a single person shows up to Natural Child’s party. Not even PartyNextDoor.

Not to mention M83 still doesn’t suck at making me cry.

Let’s do this.

1. Pumarosa “Cecile”

Pretty much anytime you’re British and have more than one person in your band, you just win. Case-in-point: Pumarosa, the U.K. five-piece who just dropped this heavy, psychedelic, Talking Heads-like track that they say “describes a sexual landscape.” OH WOW. At some point in the song, singer Isabel starts breathlessly shrieking about a “forest fire between you and I” over wailing sax and some very urgent-sounding percussion, and well, you know what happens after that. I get horny, I text you, you text back two years later like “sorry, fell asleep.”

Teaming up with Mercury-nominated Dan Carey on production (he also worked with Kate Tempest, Bat For Lashes, and Toy), it’s a lush, sensual little groove with lots of wispy moaning.


2. Natural Child – “Nobody Wants to Party With Me”

Okay, this song is old as fuck but I do not care because it was previously only released on dinosaur cassette but now it’s available for the first time on vinyl from Burger Records. To me, Natural Child sounds like a mix of the Black Lips and The Cramps, but maybe a little more PC and parent-friendly, and “Nobody Wants to Party With Me” is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. If you disagree, go ahead and just punch yourself in the butt.

Plus its little surf-rock-psych-punk thing is really helping me grapple with the fact that nobody wants to party with me either, solely because I am so beautiful.


3. Wiki – “God Bless Me (Remix)” feat. Antwon, Sporting Life and Skepta

Ratking overlord Wiki is about to head off on tour with Antwon, but before he left, he delivered a remix of “God Bless Me” off his Lil Me mixtape. Skepta and Sporting Life remain from the original recording, but Antwon shows up on the remix to rap over that sick little wind chime tip.

Raise your hand if you like to listen to this song while abiding by the law.


4. PartyNextDoor – “Come and See Me” (feat. Drake)

PartyNextDoor debuted this wholesome nugget at SXSW, and rumor has it it’s the first track off his next album, P3. The song features Drake and is produced by Noah “40” Shebib. It puts a sonic take on the “my place or yours” conversation we all love to have with people whose grundles we’re about to gurgle (google it).

On this one, PND gets a little less auto-tune and a little more R&B, but it still fits in with his late-night come-down vibe, a perfect accent for that feeling that kicks in when you stumble in at 5 a.m., kinda bummed because you’re alone but also vaguely inglorious because you’re alone.


5. M83 – “Solitude”

This gorgeous, soaring thing off of M83‘s upcoming album Junk has all the astral echo and emotionally wrenching strings of an average M83 song, but for some reason, the chord progression and ghostly vocal melody in “Solitude” make my brain release more neurotransmitters than usual. I feel like a hormone sponge. Things are just coming out of me. It’s so slow and sappy and sexual and if I could cry-fuck every one of you to this song, I would.

Very ’80s ballad.


6. Youth Code – “The Dust of Fallen Rome”

I fucking LOVE INDUSTRIAL SHIT. Thank you, so much, Youth Code for feeding my need with this brutal, steel-cold nineties industrial banger.

Lead vocalist Sara Taylor told Rolling Stone, “Lyrically, it deals with the struggles of watching everything one could love vanish in an instant, and dealing with the aftermath of despair and wonder as to what comes after total emotional depravity.”

Just wow. Literally dying to put on my Invader Zim t-shirt and sketch Nine Inch Nails logos on my Converse with a Sharpie made from dead babies.

“The Dust of Fallen Rome” is out on Youth Code’s upcoming album Commitment to Complications on April 8th.




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