September 21st, 2016

Thus far, we’ve had an incredibly busy week here at IHC. Last night, we hosted AlunaGeorge’s live stream debut release of her album, I Remember. Additionally, Franki and Jesus will be spinning a b2b set tonight at the upstairs rooftop at Ace Hotel. Alongside a whole slew of incredible events coming up this weekend, today we have some fresh picks for Tracks of the Week; I know, it’s hard to contain your excitement.

AlunaGeorge, Leikeli47, Dreezy – Mean What I Mean

We were beyond thrilled to host AlunaGeorge’s debut live stream release of her album I Remember at Mack Sennett Studios. As a part of the #IRememberExperience, Jesus Rivera (AKA Demonbabies) and Franki Chan had created multiple stages, each designed with a unique theme specific to every individual song from the album. For the 12 songs, dancers choreographed a routine that we then filmed for one consecutive shot. My first time listening to this album was unique in the sense that I was hearing it for the first time while watching it come to life. I cannot stress enough how good George Reid’s talents are as a producer. Together with Aluna’s incredible vocals and songwriting, they are an unstoppable team that can create sonic masterpieces that will blow your mind.

Tycho – Epoch

Tycho just released a single that’s been stirring buzz all across the web. The composer and songwriter from San Francisco has typically produced music that consists of downtempo vintage-style synthesizers and ambient melodies. But with this release, Scott Hansen has taken a new approach to his sound with a heavier electronic influence. “Epoch” is a near six minute journey of bliss that truly carries the listener on waves of different sounds.

Wiltril – Tarzan

My gut instinct told me I had to post this; it’s hilariously dripping with innuendos. Wiltril has creatively designed a bass-driven banger. Without a doubt, this explosive jungle track will have you smirking and dancing at the same time. I think sometimes, a great track just needs that added pinch of humor, and Wiltril has nailed it.

Baauer x CZ – How Can You Tell When It’s Done?

Just in time for the weekend, Baauer and C.Z. have put together this massive track. I have to ask myself how he does it, but Baauer is constantly on the move, churning out fresh music before jumping back on tour once again. Likewise, Colby has been in the works with artists like Nina Las Vegas and other talented producers working on some fresh tracks. Colby has been coming out with a string of amazing singles that you should definitely check out on SoundCloud. The best way I can describe this track? Pure evil. The kind of song you turn on just to watch the world burn; and we’re enjoying every second of it.

Drift – Clueless

As a part of my periodic SoundCloud adventures, I came across this track from Drift. The description reads: “Don’t skip to the drop,” and the warning is well noted. “Clueless” is a melodic piece with a beautiful introduction. I was thinking about presenting this as the first song for Tracks of the Week, but I believe it fits just nicely right here.