fbpx Tracks of the Week: Trappin' – IHEARTCOMIX
September 14th, 2016

Hands up if you need some music to cheer you up! I definitely started this week on a bad note, so I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to put together the best possible playlist. Thanks to the power of the Internet and dank memes, I was able to find a variety of music that I think you’re going to enjoy; let’s jump in.

ESTRONS – Make A Man

Not entirely an old track, but also not entirely a new one, I decided to share it anyways just in case you haven’t heard ESTRONS before. If you’re ready for a good punch in the face to wake you up during the week, ESTRONS will be bringing the heat.  This garage rock band from Cardiff doesn’t miss the opportunity to draw inspiration from what’s happening around them. The bandmates regularly record voice memos on the fly and lead singer Tali Källström isn’t afraid to write about whatever’s on her mind. The sound of ESTRONS is making some big waves, if you like what you hear, definitely keep an eye on them in the months to come.

Sunboy – Retrospec

Strap yourselves in for this melancholic dream pop ode to the past. From its genesis, Sunboy was initially comprised of two talented musicians; Justin Renaud and Jordan Lempe. After releasing several singles and garnering a decent following on social media, the psych alt-rock duo went their separate ways in November of 2015. But shortly thereafter, Justin was determined to continue on with the sound of their band. Released as a solo project, “Yesterday Is In Love With You” is Justin Renaud’s five-track EP containing his own ode to the past, while also spearheading the future sounds of what is to come.

Lil’ House Phone – Trappin’ Off The House [prod. by Nedarb]

“Tell me what you know about trappin’ off the house phone?” Has anyone else been watching Narcos? I just got into the show last week, and I can say with certainty, no one’s ever trappin’ harder than 1980’s Columbian drug lords in Hawaiian shirts (s/o Pablo Escobar). Anyways, this week we have this banger from Lil’ House Phone with a track produced by Nedarb Nagrom. Check it out.

Next to Blue – Quokka

I stumbled upon this future bass track during a random perusal of SoundCloud. It caught my attention almost immediately as the quality of the sound design had me intrigued and hooked. I might be blasting this track at an unhealthy volume in my headphones, but I don’t care. I can promise you this track will be in high rotation on my SoundCloud and on my day-to-day commute.

Vices. – ESSA

I have to be honest with you, as of lately, I still don’t know the origins of this Jersey Club boom. If someone could fill me in on who or what caused this, that would be much appreciated. Regardless, Vices. published this banger of a track on SoundCloud, and I could hardly pass it up. This track is a sample cake, deliciously layered with some of the most pleasant sounds I’ve heard all week. LA DJ’s, don’t sleep on this one; you definitely need to add this to your playlist.