June 22nd, 2016

It’s as hot as a devil’s tanning booth. Ha, that joke was as lame as sleeping on the couch in a house with no air conditioner. That’s been my life for the past few days. I haven’t been able to sleep so instead I dove deep in souncloud and youtube. This was the result

We’re so happy that Durante is coming out with new tracks! This new direction he’s taking with his original production is quite beautiful. He’s already a dope DJ and now his music proves to everyone that he is one talented kid. “Goddess” makes me want to fly to Thailand and reenact that underwater scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach.

After scrolling endlessly on the SC I found this gem at 4 am and instantly got me up and wishing I was at the club. This beat is so infectious and Bri Meejoo’s rap/talk/sing is so damn good. Look Bri Meejoo, it makes complete sense why this track is your anthem. GET EM GIRL.

2ToneDisco aka James Campbell and Omni just came out with “Tummy Treasures” ft. Ducky. In my opinion, any song about food is an A+ in my book. Especially if you reference Dim Sum.

p.s: 2ToneDisco is going to start their live stream show on our Twitch so be on the lookout for that announcement :)

I had an arguement with someone last week defending that indie rock is making a comeback. Embarrassingly enough, I couldn’t come up with a good example but after hearing “Colours” I have found it! I love how the samples sound like they’re being played in reverse while still keeping percussion clear throughout the whole song. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, Wildflower, from The Avalanches.

Obviously this isn’t anything new but i’ve been listening to this song on loop for an hour today.

Till next week