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July 13th, 2016

We’re already almost halfway through July and it’s getting too hot for me. I probably won’t make it through August. If I don’t make it, I give all my Pokémon to Franki Chan. Unfortunately, in addition to the dreadful heat, summertime always seems to hit me hard with some hefty life decisions. Moving out, while quitting a shitty restaurant job, while also trying to fix a broken car, while additionally trying to decide what Pokémon to evolve… No matter the circumstances, music always can brighten your mood. Here’s what we’ve got for Tracks of the Week.

Abby Diamond – Good (White Cliffs Remix)

Straight out of Brooklyn, White Cliffs hit the ground running with some amazing collaborations with Goldroom and We Are Twin. Fast forward to the present, and he dropped this amazing tune just late last month. I’m no audio wizard or technical guru, but I do admire when a song sounds good. And this song sounds amazing. The percussion is so clean and crisp, and Abby Diamond’s voice sits so well in the mix. It’s truly a fun and enjoyable listen every time.

DENM – Under Pressure

I’ve never been to Santa Barbara, but I hear it’s pretty cool. I think it’s low key been an epicenter for budding artists and musicians, but most people have always turned a blind-eye. After having previously been involved in the garage rock scene, DENM now spends most of his time working primarily on electronic music. This deep-house dream-pop hybrid of a track is suitable for your house party dance floor, your everyday light gym exercise, or your summer sunset drive down PCH. Following the trends of history, it took about 10 years for the UK rave scene to enter its post-rave era. If America is on the same path, I wouldn’t mind listening to more music like this.

Soft Lit – U Up

I came across this song through some random iTunes recommendations. It was definitely well worth the dig to find this gem. Soft Lit is a duo project consisting of Tyler McCauley and Tara Chacón. From the East Coast, based out of New York, these two artists push the boundaries of dance-pop with some creative melodies and experimental sounds. If you’re a fan of Purity Ring, you’ll definitely appreciate Tara’s airy vocals as she strikes some real emotional notes over each rhythmically grooving track. I highly recommend checking out all of their work on iTunes. If you’re going to listen to any other song from them, I would say to listen to “I Can’t Help It.” You can thank me later.

Wild Nothing – To Know You

Gosh, where to start. Life of Pause means so much to me. I know that sounds cliché, but I can’t even keep track of the amount of times I’ve sunk into my computer chair day-dreaming while Wild Nothing plays softly in the background. From the album, “To Know You” always stood out to me the most. Primarily because of it’s sheer production quality, but that’s something that’s remained consistent across multiple album releases from this shoegaze/dream pop band. The wailing sounds of distant guitars, the droning synths, Jack Tatum’s wispy voice sweeping you away into a dream; I love it all.

VenessaMichaels – Like That

I usually like to use the term, “keep this artist on your radar.” I feel this is especially true with VenessaMichaels. If you’re not familiar with the name, you had better keep your eyes peeled as VenessaMichaels is approaching the summer of 2k16 with a staggered release of multiple singles; the first of which was a power house tune featuring Effy entitled, “Really Like.” As a part of her “Summer Series,” her second release features the talented vocals of Jackson Breit. VenessaMichaels herself possesses an uncanny ability in blending the soulful sounds of 90s R&B with the modern internet-influenced/cyber-future movement that’s been blowing up on SoundCloud. #2090 is the future that I’m looking forward to.

Justice – Safe & Sound

We have a last minute addition to Tracks of the Week. It’s been a long time coming, but Justice teased the internet with what is most likely a track from their forthcoming album. It’s every bit of Justice that you remember, oozing with disco kicks and funky clavinets. They’re scheduled to play a DJ set at Beach Goth, so if you’re ready for the outrageous costumes and trendy hipster teens, you can catch the event at Oak Canyon Park. I probably won’t make it out to Tustin to see them live, but I am looking forward to this album. My assumption is that we’ll probably see this released sometime in Autumn; fingers-crossed.

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