Tracks of the Week: Blurry

Posted by Sean Oconnor 3 months ago in Music, Uncategorized

Post 4th of July, and we’re recovering from a long weekend. In retrospect, it’s a little blurry for me and there’s definitely some looming regret. But we’ve come across a handful of new tracks that span a variety of different genres and we really want to share them all with you!

We’re getting through the week blaring Penthouse Penthouse’s latest EP with Bobby Saint, “Upload.” You’re probably no strangers to the name of Team Supreme’s duo. Preston James and Mike Parvizi have previously teamed up with Bobby Saint for their release of “69 Camaro” from August last year. Blending an 80s groove with an almost digital R&B sound, Penthouse Penthouse create a “cyber-delic” atmosphere that’s dripping with catchy innuendos and intimate intentions. Their collaboration with Bobby Saint is the ripe cherry on top, his vocals compliment each track like the final icing on the cake. Keep these guys on your radar, for sure.


Pop quiz: Are you a true fan of Ty Segall? Did you know he started a new project? This new venture includes Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw and Charles Moothart from Fuzz. The trio have been friends for a while now and decided to finally come together to form GØGGS; you can expect a choir of wailing guitars with a lot of distortion and fuzz pedals. Their debut album, GØGGS is a garage rock banger. They kick-off their tour on July 15th; be sure to catch them in LA!



Anytime BADBADNOTGOOD comes out with new music, it feels like the first day of summer break. I kid you not, when I bought the album online I immediately bought a tea set and a lush bath bomb right after. Charlotte Day Wilson’s vocals on this track is as smooth as butter. The arrangements on this song are just incredibly well crafted. Go and listen to all of IV. You won’t be disappointed.


This next track I found perusing through some iTunes recommendations. Low key, definitely one of the most underrated ways of finding new and talented artists. In comes Jorja Smith. Not much is known about the 18 year old singer from the UK. Pulling inspiration from artists like Lauryn Hill and Curtis Mayfield, Jorja’s voice shines above this mellow track that will have you immediately tapping your foot at your desk. I’m REALLY looking forward to hearing more from her. I think it’d be really cool to see a collaboration between her and Kaytranada. A boy can dream, right?


This next track is that type of song you would play on a late night drive, thinking about life, and reliving memories of good times with good friends. “Beneath The Black Sea” is one of my favorite tracks from LNZNDRF’s self-titled album released earlier this year. The band is comprised of The National’s brothers Scott and Bryan Devendorf, who teamed up with multi-instrumentalist and Beirut band member, Ben Lanz. In the span of just two-and-a-half days, the trio recorded a spectacular eight-song debut LP that sits somewhere between a post-punk and shoegaze kind of sound. The whole album is worth a listen; it’s a fitting end to a blurry weekend.



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